Saturday, June 27, 2009

You Will Always Be Alive

This post is a tribute to a wonderful dear person, music legend - Michael Jackson. The news that Michael has passed away the night of 25th broke my heart.I didn't expect I would feel so much sadness and pain as I have not been an active fan for many years already. But Michael has been a very big part of my life when I was a teenager and since then there was always a place in my heart that belonged only to him.

My dear Michael, thank you for your talent, for the great influence you had on my life, for everything you were for me when I was a teenager. You filled my days with music, gave me strength, brought wonderful friends into my life. You inspired me to be better, to be creative and you were the reason I learnt English - I wanted to understand what you are singing about. You changed my life making it fuller and brighter.

They say you cannot love a person if you have never met them because you can't really know them. But we, your fans, know you. We know you through your songs, your performances, your concerts and interviews. We know you have a big, kind heart, you are generous, giving, loving, sensitive and vulnerable. Of course as any other person, you had your ups and downs, but I always was on your side.

My dear Michael, I refuse to believe that your heart has stopped, that you are gone, that this is the end of your dreams and your talent, the end of the legend. I hate the media for insisting you are dead, I hate those articles starting with dates of your life and going over your career, I hate people sharing this "sensational" news... I don't want to read or listen to these. You are not dead. You cannot be dead. You still have so many years ahead of you to create beautiful music, to fulfill dreams, to inspire and to touch people's hearts.

I refuse to believe that my dream of going to your concert one day and meeting you has to turn into a dream of visitng your grave. No, it can't be true. I refuse to say good bye. You will always be alive and I will just keep on dreaming..


Yana said...

Dear Michael, you'll always be alive for me and for millions of people who truly loves you: for your family, children, fans...I believe, you're in the better place now, there is no one can offend you any more...Today you're our angel, I see you wonderful smile sparkling in the sky...Now I know that you still help all of us and you will heal the world, because I think you were stolen and taken from us for this purpose...God needs you more!I really believe that! We love you, Michael, so much and now each of us hear you voice saying "I love you more!!!")))

Rhino said...

How can a person (whatever talent he might have) can just live in the hearts of millions of people around the world unless he is God's special child. Great tribute

BeautyTalk said...

@Yana Thanks for your wonderful comment!
@Rhino He touched so many lives with his talent and his life. He is one of the most special people who ever lived on Earth...

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