Friday, June 5, 2009

Beauty Term: Dermobiotics

This term was coined by Biotherm from the skin [dermo], cellular life [biotic]. Dermobiotic means probiotics for the skin.

Biotherm, used the term for the first time when they introduced RIDES REPAIR cosmetics to the market. RIDES REPAIR line is based on Pure Thermal Plankton which enhances skin internal defenses against aggressors such as UV exposure and pollution.

Because biological effects on the skin of Pure Thermal Plankton can be compared to the effects that probiotics have on human organism, Pure Thermal Plankton was pronounced the first dermobiotic™

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Alex said...

I've been wondering, do you know anything about Hydrolyzed Placental Protein? It's an ingredient I've been seeing more and more, especially in Asian skincare products. I'm not sure what it's supposed to do, or even if it's something that I want on my face. Your post today made me think of it, probably because I don't know much about probiotics either, but at least now that makes sense :)

BeautyTalk said...

@Alex Hmm... No I haven't come accross information about Hydrolyzed Placental Protein. Sounds like it could be approved only for Asian market... If I find any interesting and useful info I will post about it.

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