Monday, June 22, 2009

Beauty Talk: Educate Your Kids About Sun Damage

Previously I posted about sun damage and increased chance of cancer if you start abusing sun and solariums early on. I have to say I am so happy my family did not have enough money to go on vacations when I was little. Thanks God! I had only one chance to turn my fair skin into the color of dark chocolate. I shudder when I look at the photos – my smile has never been so shiny white!
You are responsible for your kids - don’t let them get sun damage.
1. Start with protecting their skin early on. Babies have very sensitive tender skin that is so susceptible to UVA and UVB rays. Protect your precious baby by applying specially formulated sunscreens. To make sure your baby doesn’t have irritation go with a physical sunscreen not chemical.
2. Keep up regular sun protection and your kid will develop a habit of it that may save his or her life.
3. When you think your kid is old enough to understand, explain to your kid about the danger of UVA and UVB rays and about cancer.
4. If you have a teenager who doesn’t want to listen to your concerns some of the things you may do is
- take him/her to a dermatologist for skin examination and request the expert to show photos of sun damaged skin vs healthy skin and to explain about UVA/UVB danger. Or you can find such photos on the internet yourself.
- explain about premature aging and show photos of aged skin with sun spots and deep lines. Who wants to look so mottled and wrinkled?!
A couple efforts to develop healthy sun-protection habits in your children will ensure they have healthy skin and will preserve its youth long into adulthood.


Jessica Allison said...

Great feature. I completely agree- it's scary how prevalent skin cancer is becoming and how little heed young people take to warnings about sun damage.

The only other tip I'd add to your list is: Lead by example. Though sometimes deeply ingrained, I think a woman's ideal of what is beautiful is largely formed by watching her mother. If a child grows up watching mom bask in the sun, she will want to do the same when she grows up- no matter how much sun screen you slather on her now.

BeautyTalk said...

I completely agree with you. I have a real life examples of when a child follows into mother's footsteps. My half-sister loves to sunbathe, and the darker her skin gets during family vacations, the "better"... She does use some SPF but only to prevent burning in the first days :-( Can't change her views on the sun for now...

My Skin Affair said...

I recommend MD Moms for little ones. They have an amazing line that includes a sunscreen. Nice post!

Amanady said...

The 4th point is really good. Those who doesn't listen will learn only when they see live examples. Or in other case, if they suffer. Here your point is not to make the kids suffer.
Good post. thanks for sharing it.

BeautyTalk said...

Hi! Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post!

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