Friday, November 14, 2008

Beauty Buzz: Customizable Lip Gloss

Another customizable product on the market was recently launched by Prescriptives! I do like the idea of customizable beauty products. I have already posted about Avon’s customizable dermabrasion, MyBlend skin care and Maybelline’s Custom Creations Foundation. Welcome this new idea: Custom Blend Lip Gloss.

Go to Prescriptives site to mix your very own lip gloss step by step.

First you choose a base shade. I went with Dark Coral

Proceed to step 2 and choose finish: glitter, chrome, gelly etc. I went with sheer sparkle... (Doesn't my dark coral look kinda pink?)

At step 3 you have 9 options of a flavor and the 10th of no flavor. Melon was my choice.

Review your creation at step 4 and pay 26$ (My coral lip gloss definitely looks pink to me!)

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