Friday, November 21, 2008

Beauty Talk: Sensitive Skin Products

As mentioned in the previous post. Correct selection of skin care products is very important for balancing your sensitive skin. Make sure the products you use do not contain the following:
6.harsh ingredients (such as Alkyl/ Lauryl sulfates in cleansers)
7.common allergens, for example honey (unless you are sure you are not sensitive to this one)

Emulsifiers and chemical sunscreens are also sometimes mentioned among the sensitizing ingredients.

Nowadays most cosmetic brands offer special ranges for sensitive skin.

Keep in mind the following when choosing a product:

1.Look for products marked “sensitive skin” or read the description and see if it mentions if the product is suitable for sensitive skin.

2.Be careful with products containing aroma-oils or based on several plant extracts. In fact, the more active ingredients there are in a product, the more chances you have to develop sensitivity towards one of them.

3.It is definitely a plus if the product has been dermatologically tested but it does not guarantee that you won’t develop sensitivity to it.

4.Do not trust such words as “soothing” and “calming”. If the product is not marked “for sensitive skin”, such adjectives are used in relation to normal balanced skin. What is soothing for normal skin, may be not at all calming for sensitive. The most ridiculous thing I have come across is a “soothing scrub”. In my opinion, “Scrubbing” and “soothing” are antonyms. How can they be in one word combination.

5.Always ask for a sample before buying. Explain to the sales person that you have sensitive skin and you should have no problem getting one.
There are some products that cannot be sampled. For example, they come in ampoules. Inform sales representative that you have sensitive skin and inquire about a return policy on this product. Save the receipt! I had to return a product once. I first contacted the manufacturer who confirmed there would be no problem. With the note from manufacturer and the receipt I had no problem returning the product and getting reimbursed.

What ingredients to look for:

1.Choose SPF products based on mineral filters over chemical ones as the latter can cause redness/irritation.
2.For the daytime, choose moisturizers with non-irritating anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid, collagen, squalen.
3.At night, use soothing and regenerating products. Look for such ingredients as allantoin, panthenol, calendula oil, bisabol, hydrolyzed wheat germ, Vitamin E.

And, remember, chemical composition of each person’s skin is very individual. That is why you may find that you are sensitive to some products developed specially for sensitive skin. So be prepared that you may have to try several skin care lines before you find the one that’s right for you.

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