Saturday, February 23, 2008

Beauty Buzz: Customizable Beauty Products are a Current Trend

There is a clear trend in the beauty industry towards customization. Recently several customizable products have been launched. Such products offer a consumer a more personalized approach to skin care and makeup.

An example at the high end of the market is Dr.Oliver Coutin’s MyBlend skin care range. MyBlend allows you by using special “boosters” (that come in syringes) to blend a product according to your skin’s current needs. Your skin feels irritated, to the rescue comes “The Soother”. Feel a bit down, “The Energizer” will bring radiance to your face. Except from customization benefits, this product has a strong let’s-play-scientists attraction. Just look at the photo!!

Mass market is not legging behind and follows the customization trend! Revlon recently introduced a customizable foundation - Custom Creations Foundation. With this “magical” product, all your issues of finding the right colour foundation are resolved – just dial the colour you want! The foundation comes in a pump dispenser with two sections (chambers): one with lighter color foundation, the other with the darker. By turning a dial you can select between five shade settings. I have not used this product but there already has been some logically sounding criticism from those who did.

With another customizable product, consumers can choose between four micro-dermabrasion levels. Novel packaging of Avon's Anew Clinical Advanced Dermabrasion System allows you to achieve different intensity of treatment by adjusting the tube nozzle.

The idea of customizing skin care product for your skin’s needs has been out there for a while already. There are several manufacturers offering to even customize products according to your DNA! (!?) One example is Lab 21’s DNA based personalized “treatments”. However, the idea of consumers being able to customize their products at home is new and is turning into a hit trend.

What else will they surprise us with? I vote for a customizable sun protection: on a gloomy day you use spf 15, on a sunny – 30, on a beach holiday dial 50!

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