Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beauty Trends: Spring-Summer 2008 Look with New Spring Makeup Collections

There are several new and exciting makeup collections for spring-summer 2008 that you can use to get beautiful spring-summer looks.

Get the Look Inspired by Makeup at Dries Van Noten, Michael Kors, and Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2008 Shows: Spring and Exotic Colors

Clarins launched spring-summer collection 2008 called FIZZ. As I understand from the video on Clarins site (and the name), the inspiration for Clarins spring 2008 look came from soap bubbles :-) … you know, all the various colors you see reflected in a bubble… To me, however, colors of Clarins spring collection give an association with a yummy exotic fruit. Think… papayas, pine apples, melons and figs.
Clarins Spring 2008 eye shadows come in mono-packaging and include: Sunny Yellow, Sweet Melon, Gold Leaf, and Sweet Lilac. Actually only 2 colors appear to be new Sweet Lilac and Sunny Yellow. Just as Clarins promises, the shadows are ultra-smooth and blend beautifully.
Two new lip glosses that come in Clarins’ spring 2008 collection are Lilac and Toffee.
New Eyeliner: liquid eyeliner in Chocolate Brown
New Eye Pencil: Copper

With Clarins’ new makeup collection you can do looks inspired by Dries Van Noten, Michael Kors, and Karl Lagerfeld (in the latter case, colors will be completely different though, but the idea/style remains the same).
Clarins makeup seems to be a good fit to do Michael Kors look for spring 2008 (see the photo): Sweet Melon goes under an eye brow and Sweet Lilac- in the middle of an eyelid. The only thing missing is a blue eyeliner.

Tip: you can achieve tones of various intensity by layering Sunny Yellow, Sweet Melon, Gold Leaf. For example, for a more intense golden shade try layering Sunny Yellow and Golden Leaf!

Get the Look Inspired by Makeup Seen at Sonya Rykiel, YSL, Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2008 Shows: Add Some Glitter and Sparkle

The texture of Clarins eyeshadows is matte, so if you want to have a bit more metallic texture and some glitter, like makeup at Karl Lagerfeld’s and Sonya Rykiel’s shows, go for the gorgeous Shiseido’s spring-summer 2008 collection. I tried it out – it has wonderful sparkle! Not so intense as at Sonya Rykiel’s though.

Shiseido’s new collection colors are, in my opinion, beautiful. But again, just like Clarins’, Shiseido’s eye shadows come in mono-packaging.

Eye shadows have a moussey texture and come in the following colors: Languid Lagoon, Rose Tulle, Lemon Sugar, Clover Dew.

Four new Shiseido lipsticks are all in warm shades, shimmery, and not bright. Even though shimmering lips don’t seem to be extremely popular this season, colors are gorgeous and just classical: Cheerful Pink, Spring Violet, Pale Coral, Summer Sunset.

Another new Shiseido spring product is tinted powder Multi-Shade Enhancer:
*Terracota Glow for a bronzed skin look with golden shades for a golden glow.
*Sunset Glow for a warm summer pink tone.

With Shiseido collection, you can do a Karl Lagerfeld inspired look. For example,
try Languid Lagoon on the upper lid and Clover Dew or Rose Tulle on the lower. Also just a single color will look great. Single color eye is a hot trend this spring-summer.

For more about products you can use to create spring-summer 2008 looks click here.

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