Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beauty Buzz: SPF 20 Bracelet

Nowadays it is hard to surprise a consumer with a 2-in-1 combination of an accessory and a beauty product. All the famous beauty brands regularly launch limited editions of necklaces or bracelets with eye shadows and lip glosses dangling from them or rings with glosses and lipsticks inside. The recent two-in-one ring is from Marc Jacobs – a “Daisy” ring with a solid perfume in it.

However, Piz Buin, Swiss sun care brand, did managed to surprise me with a bracelet. This time the product is not makeup and it is not hanging from a chain but is actually inside the bracelet. Piz Buin accessory is filled with sun protecting lotion SPF 20. It looks very plastic and comes in various colors to match any bikini. Despite the fact that bundles of multi-color bangles are a trend look for spring-summer 2008, I just cannot picture Pin Buiz accessory on my wrist. But I am looking forward to this product making it to the stores so that I can try it on and out.

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