Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beauty Trends: Makeup in Pink Spring-Summer 2008

There is quite a choice of spring 2008 makeup collections to do a look in pink.
New collections from Dior, Bobbi Brown, and Guerlain have great products for pink cheeks, pink lips and pink eyelids.

DIOR Spring-Summer 2008

Dior’s two new looks for Spring 2008 are in pastel pink/violet flower tones and are called “Bloom in Dior”.

Dior Spring 2008 Must-Have: Limited Edition Dior Flower Blossom-Floral Illuminating Powders for face. The powder contains five shades and can be used as a corrector/illuminator for complexion, blush and eye shadows.

Other products used for Dior’s Spring 2008 Look include:
*Dior Powder Shimmer for a glowing skin
*5-color eye shadow palettes that are available
-with a more matte but silky finish – 5 Colors (check out Spring Bouquet 470 palette or choose for a more intense look Stylish Move)
-in a glittery “ultra-wet” texture - 5 Colors Iridescent in with a touch of violet (the palette name Pink May 909 speaks for itself)
-Diorshow Mascara
*Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect 457 (Pink Liberty) or Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect 127 (Beige Velvet)
You can see more details and a video at Dior’s site.

GUERLAIN Spring-Summer 2008

For a more dramatic look you can use a new spring 2008 palette from Guerlain. Guerlain Spring 2008 collection includes:
*Limited Edition (see the photo):
- Ombre Eclat Fleur de Feu eyeshadow
- KISSKISS Stick Gloss Fleur de Feu (raspberry pink lipstick)

BOBBI BROWN Spring-Summer 2008

Bobbi Brown developed limited edition palettes in pink for two looks: Pink Raspberry look and Pink Satin Look for spring-summer 2008 (see photos)

*Pink Raspberry palette includes:
-Navajo and Fog Eye Shadows;
-Pink Raspberry Blush;
-Raspberry and Blue Raspberry Lip Sheers

*Pink Satin Collection includes:
- Metallic Palette with the latest velvety, shimmering shadows: Navajo Metallic Eye Shadow, Hot Stone Metallic Eye Shadow, Pink Ice Metallic Eye Shadow
- Lip Gloss Palette with three shimmer shades in pink: Spring Blossom Shimmer Lip Gloss, Posey Shimmer Lip Gloss, Pastel Ink Lip Gloss
- Mini Brush and Palette Case with three mini brushes: Blush, Eye Shadow, and Lip Brush (with protective cap).

For more ideas about products you may use for create spring-summer 2008 makeup click here.

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