Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beauty Contest: We Have a Winner

Unfortunately, I did not receive any creative photos that would qualify for the contest. I guess a contest of this type turned out to be a bit too specific and challenging. I did get a couple pictures which however appear to be just snapshots (see below). But at least there was some kind of effort beacause mostly I would receive just an address (thanks) to send the samples to.

However, I do have a winner! I have received a video clip made especially for this contest by Tanita. Even though Tanita’s work did not have strong competition in this contest, it is truly creative, high quality and deserves the prize and praise! It is a video expression of Tanita’s thoughts about Beauty… see it below and turn on the sound!

Being creative is Tanita’s passion. She writes poems and songs, makes videos, and designs her own clothes. And she has just started a blog called Tanita's creative art. Unfortunately, right now it is only in Russian. Good luck, Tanita, with your work!

Actually, I decided to leave this contest open, if anyone ever decides to send me a quality creative photo or even a clip about beauty/skin care, I will be very pleased! And I always have a nice selection of skin care samples to give away ;-)

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