Thursday, February 7, 2008

“Skin Care and Beauty” Photo Contest

Challenge for your Creativity

Win samples of Swiss and German skin care products! (scroll down for more details about the prize)

Read Details:

  • What you need to do
    To win the prize you do not have to be a professional photographer or a model, you just need to unleash your imagination and creativity.

    Make a creative quality skin care and beauty themed photo and send in for a review.

    Email: beautyhealthinfo at

  • Some Hints
    - Artistic photos of you with your favourite skin care products are also welcome. - Especially welcome are photos with people in them not just of a skin care product alone!
    - Snapshots and low quality photos are not accepted.
    - No nude photos, please.

  • Copy Right
    - The photo has to be made by YOU.

  • Note: By participating in this contest you give me the right to post your photo on this blog and

  • Deadline
    25 March, 2008

  • Best photo wins!
    I will announce the winner at the end of March, 2008

  • Prize
    You will get minimum 10 samples from quality Swiss and German brands:
    Annemarie Börlind(Germany): Eye Crème, Ceramide Vital Fluid, 4 samples from System Absolute Line – Annemarie Börlind products contain 100% natural ingredients. According to Style Switzerland (Schweizer Illustrierte), Boerlind Brand is one of Kate Winslet's favourites.
    Heliotrop (Germany): Multiactiv Face and Eye Cream
    Biokosma(Switzerland): Day Cream and Hydrogel for normal/mixed skin
    Rausch(Switzerland): Shine spray

    At our discretion, we may also give a link to the winner’s website, provided it is good quality and skincare/ beauty/ photography related.

    The prize will be shipped by regular mail. I am not responsible for delays or non-deliveries.

    Send your photos or/and questions to beautyhealthinfo at

    littlelatina said...

    Oh sounds good

    Teri said...

    Would like these very much!!!

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