Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Beauty Fact: Exfoliating Fish With Big Appetite

Did you know that there is a type of fish that is used for exfoliating purposes?
You read right! Garra rufa, also called a nibble fish and doctor fish, is originally found in the Northern and Central Middle East. Garra rufa just happens to like to munch on flaky dead skin and appears to have a special passion for calluses. Garra rufa appetites can be experienced in numerous Turkish and Asian spas. Spa guests are reassured that the fish is actually toothless! Mostly Spa guests sit on an edge of a big pool with their feet in the water getting a fish pedicure. However, you can also get your whole body nibbled on if you wish.

There are some claims that this fish can cure psoriasis and other skin conditions. Some facilities offer psoriasis treatments and packages based on hungry Garra rufa. People swear that after they had a doctor fish treatment their psoriasis was fully gone. However, experts suggest it is just temporary symptoms relief.

Can you imagine having a new regular beauty routine of soaking feet in your aquarium with Garra rufa!?

In this video you can see how the fish munch away.

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