Thursday, February 28, 2008

Beauty Review: Sisley Confort Exteme Body Cream For Very Dry Areas

Product Tag Line:

A creamy formula, a rehydrating and repairing body balm for dry skin.

Product Profile in short:
(as described on Sisley Website)
• helps the skin to regain suppleness and softness
• offers immediate relief and comfort

intense, long-lasting nourishment

What’s Inside:
• Shea Butter and Kokum Butter for instant soothing and repairing skin.
• Harpagophytum extract brings a sense of relief when the cream is massaged onto the skin.
• Chestnut extract helps strengthen the skin's barrier function

Close-up on Active Ingredients:
Brassica Campestris Seed Oil- Grape seed oil
Cetearyl Alcohol – used as emulsion stabilizer, emollient, thickening agent and carrying agent for other ingredients
Glycerin – humectant, attracts moisture to the skin
Butylene Glycol - another humectant
Castanea Sativa Seed Extract - Chestnut Seed Extract contains esculin, an antioxidant compound. In addition to this Chestnut Seed Extract is mentioned in many sources as having potent anti-inflammatory characteristics.
Mineral Oil - occlusive, keeps moisture locked in skin
Isopropy Palmitate – thickening agent and emollient, facilitates water retention in the skin, lubricates, softens.
Dimethicone – occlusive
Garcinia Indica Seed Butter - Kokum Butter - softens skin, restores elasticity, helps to regenerate skin cells and promotes skin’s healing
Butyrospermum Parkii- Shea Butter - emollient
Hydroxystearic/ Linoleic/Oleic Polyglycerides – natural emulsifier
Squalane - natural organic compound used in cosmetics as a natural moisturizer (mostly comes from shark liver oil)
Cetyl Palmitate- emulsifying agent

Mallow Extract, Panthenol (humectant, emollient and moisturizer, soothes and treats irritation), Lavender Oil (balances skin, stimulates cellular growth), Thymus Mastychina Herb Oil, … Sage Oil… Glycine Soya Oil

As always in Sisley products, a couple parabens at the end are used as preservatives.

Texture: Very rich, creamy
Absorption: For such a rich cream is great (or is my skin too thirsty?)
Smell: Nice light herbal smell with just a touch of bitterness. This is the type of a product that you like to smell before application.

I loved this product! I applied it to dry areas including knees/elbows, lower legs (from the knees down) and used it as a night time hand cream. The mentioned promise that it is comforting is not just a promise really - the sensation is amazing.

Upon application, you get a strange pleasant feeling as if your skin just relaxes and goes into nirvana (I can almost hear it sighing with a relief :-)). I guess it is the action of the above mentioned Harpagophytum extract - also known Devil’s Claw and used as anti-inflammatory and pain-reliever.

This cream leaves skin soft and hydrated. So as a conclusion, I would just say – it is another luxury wonderful product from Sisley.

Price Tag:
Ranges between $ 90 to $ 120

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Beauty Talk: Age Factors

Why some people develop certain signs of aging sooner than others? Why some people at the age of 30 are still asked for an ID and others stop caring an ID with them from the age of 16? Why Britney at 26 looks older than Kate Moss at age 34?

There are several major factors that influence how fast we age, as well as how “gracefully” we age. Some of these factors are beyond our powers to do anything about, while others we can influence to stay younger looking longer. So let’s look at them a bit closer:

1. Genes
Gene’s influence on our aging speed and the way we age accounts for 20-40% . For example, it mostly depends on your genes, when or whether you will develop a nasolabial fold. However, research shows that external aging factors still make a much bigger difference. How would they explain Kate Moss phenomenon???

2. Skin Type
Moisture is essential for skin’s optimum functioning. Oily skin has a coating of sebum that prevents it from loosing moisture and, to a certain extent, protects it from the aggressive environment. In fact, sebum is rich in Vitamin E which is a potent anti-oxidant!

3. Race, Culture and Geography
You must have noticed that black and Asian skin generally look younger. Some researchers think it is due to the fact that darker skin has more natural pigment that reflects light and protects skin from sun damage. Culture is also a major aging factor. For example, Italians and Spaniards love to sunbathe and spend a lot of time in the sun. That is why they develop signs of aging earlier than some other nations.

Also if you happen to be fair skinned living in sunny Italy or Greece, you will get as much sun as the native population without having their levels of natural melanin. As a result - you get more sun damage.

4. Bone Structure
Have you noticed that people with high pronounced cheek-bones tend to look younger. I guess it is just a visual effect?!

5. Diet
Healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals, good fats is a big part of anti-aging strategy. What about calories? Do they make any difference to our aging speed? Here experts seem to disagree. According to numerous studies, low calorie diet helps to stay young longer. However, with age we naturally loose fat tissue supporting the skin and as a result skin starts to sag. That is why extreme no-fat diet results in more sagging and wrinkles. Find the golden middle!

6. Lifestyle
Either it is a stressful job, long nights, smoking, intense partying or alcohol – all of these lifestyle factors add up to your aging speed.

Here you have it! It looks like we can actually influence 50% of these aging factors. Though nowadays, thanks to plastic surgery, changing your bone structure is a possibility as well.

Sources: This post was inspired by and article in Cosmopolitan, Uk Feb.'08 "The Age Factor". I also use some other resources including Aging Research, Factors Affecting Your Skin
Other articles and resources related to aging and anti-aging:

  • Skin Care by Age

  • Anti-Aging Makeup and Tips on How to Look Younger
  • Saturday, February 23, 2008

    Beauty Buzz: Customizable Beauty Products are a Current Trend

    There is a clear trend in the beauty industry towards customization. Recently several customizable products have been launched. Such products offer a consumer a more personalized approach to skin care and makeup.

    An example at the high end of the market is Dr.Oliver Coutin’s MyBlend skin care range. MyBlend allows you by using special “boosters” (that come in syringes) to blend a product according to your skin’s current needs. Your skin feels irritated, to the rescue comes “The Soother”. Feel a bit down, “The Energizer” will bring radiance to your face. Except from customization benefits, this product has a strong let’s-play-scientists attraction. Just look at the photo!!

    Mass market is not legging behind and follows the customization trend! Revlon recently introduced a customizable foundation - Custom Creations Foundation. With this “magical” product, all your issues of finding the right colour foundation are resolved – just dial the colour you want! The foundation comes in a pump dispenser with two sections (chambers): one with lighter color foundation, the other with the darker. By turning a dial you can select between five shade settings. I have not used this product but there already has been some logically sounding criticism from those who did.

    With another customizable product, consumers can choose between four micro-dermabrasion levels. Novel packaging of Avon's Anew Clinical Advanced Dermabrasion System allows you to achieve different intensity of treatment by adjusting the tube nozzle.

    The idea of customizing skin care product for your skin’s needs has been out there for a while already. There are several manufacturers offering to even customize products according to your DNA! (!?) One example is Lab 21’s DNA based personalized “treatments”. However, the idea of consumers being able to customize their products at home is new and is turning into a hit trend.

    What else will they surprise us with? I vote for a customizable sun protection: on a gloomy day you use spf 15, on a sunny – 30, on a beach holiday dial 50!

    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Beauty Fact: Sebum Contains Squalene and Vitamin E

    Did you know that sebum contains such potent anti-oxidants as Vitamin E and Squalene?

    It is already a known fact that Squalene IS (the one used in cosmetics as a natural moisturizer) a major component of sebum. However Vitamin E presence in sebum is still being researched. Several experimental studies show that sebaceous glands and sebum serve as a transport mechanism taking “the lipophilic antioxidant vitamin E from the blood to the skin surface.” In human skin, the highest level of vitamin E is found in sebum. So it appears that sebum is not only beneficial for the skin due to its coating effect, but it also acts as a natural anti-oxidant substance.
    That is why people with oily skin stay looking younger longer. Just look at Posh!

    PS: Gals with oily skin stops using harsh cleansers now, do not strip your skin of the vital anti-aginers!

    Some Scarce InfoSources on Vitamin E in Sebum:
    Sebaceous gland secretion...

    Sebaceous glands as transporters of vitamin E

    Sunday, February 17, 2008

    Beauty Review: Sisleya Eye and Lip Contour Cream

    Product Tag Line:
    To restore a fresh, youthful look to eyes and lips

    Product Profile in short:
    (as described on Sisley Website)
  • helps counter the formation of visible lines and wrinkles
  • minimizes the appearance of under-eye puffiness, dark circles and signs of fatigue
  • formulated with a particularly high concentration of active ingredients


    After a few weeks' daily use, skin appears more supple, more radiant and better-toned, with an average reduction in wrinkles of approximately 23%.

    What’s Inside:

    Padina Pavonica algae extract
    Natural plant extracts: Matricaria, Licorice, Wheat proteins
    Vitamins (E, B5 and F)

    Close-up: How active are the active ingredients?
    Butyrospermum Park II (Shea Butter) – occlusive
    Glycerin – humectant, attracts moisture to your skin
    Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Flower Extract – is believed to stimulate elimination of old cells and growth of new ones
    Rosa Centifolia (Cabbage Rose) Water - anti-oxidant, toning, revitalizing
    Glyceryl Stearate – emulsifier, solvent, humectant
    Isopropyl Palmitate - thickening agent and emollient
    Sorbitol – humectant, thickener
    Algae Extract-Paraffin - a potent moisturizer
    Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate - Emollient
    Oleyl Alcohol - emollient (skin softener), emulsifier, and thickener
    Cetyl Phosphate - emulsifying agent
    Propylene Glycol - emollient, hydrating agent
    Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Extract - Anti-inflammatory and a whitening agent
    Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Protein – attracts and retains moisture
    Further: Sesame seed oil, Carrot Root Extract, Matricaroia Extract


    Texture: creamy and thick
    Absorption: due to shea butter it felt very occlusive
    Smell: non-perfumed, extremely subtle and naturally herbal

    I was trying a deluxe sample which lasted for 2 weeks. It’s a nice product: kept the eye area nicely moisturized and allowed smooth makeup application (no clumping of eyeshadows as it at times happens with some eye creams). However, I was expecting much more from this product after experiencing the amazing effects of Sisleya Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate. I would also expect much more impressing effect taking into account quite amazing active ingredients list. It was just ok. I have some slight lines, not yet wrinkles, but I did not see much change in those after the 2-week regular twice a day application. It did have an effect on dark circles, but I cannot comment on puffiness as I don’t usually have this problem.

    Price Time: about 150$

    Reviews on other Sisley's Skin Care Products:

    All Day All Year
    Sisleya Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate
    Buff and Wash Gel
    Sisley's Energizing and Foaming Exfoliant

    You can get more information about Sisley products range as well as shop for Sisley's Beauty Products

  • Thursday, February 14, 2008

    Beauty Review: Perfume Sample Set

    I received a wonderful St.Valentine's present from my husband today: perfume sample set. The gift was accompanied by a comment: "what a smart marketing strategy, don't
    you think?!" What got my business-minded husband so excited, is the whole idea coming with the set. It includes a certificate for a free perfume. So you can try out 10 fragrances and then use the certificate to get the one you like.
    The package and presentation are very nice: box looks like it is lined with velvet, a book with description and ad photos is included, and your certificate has a conveninet table where you can rate perfumes on the scale of 1 to 5.

    The 10 perfumes are
  • Boss Femme by Boss
  • Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari
  • Liberte by Cacharel
  • Armani Code by Giorgio Armani
  • L'Instant Magic by Guerlain
  • L'eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake
  • FlowerByKenzo by Kenzo
  • Hypnose by Lancome
  • For Her by Narciso Rodriguez
  • Alien by Thierry Mugler

    I like perfumes with notes of freshness, perhaps just a touch of bitterness, not too sweet but a hint of sweetness is nice, fruity is nice too... However, when I feel I want a change a new experience, I would wear something completely different: like intense bitter-sweet. Some of the perfumes in the set I tried as samples before. For example, Hypnose by Lancome and L'Instant Magic by Guerlain. Both beautiful perfumes and are more of an evening-out variants.

    Now I need to decide if I want a more subtle perfume for every day and occasion or a more intense evening varinat.

    What I know for sure it will be fun to try these fragrances out (and review them as well)! The final decision will be tough!

  • And one more thing:
    Happy St.Valentine's Day to everyone!

    Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    Celebrity Beauty: Leona Lewis' makeup in "Bleeding Love"

    I would be really surprised if you have not heard yet of Leona Lewis. She is amazingly talented and her powerful voice is spellbinding. Leona was discovered due to the British reality talent show The X Factor (similar to American Idol) which she successfully won.

    Her current hit "Bleeding Love" has been leading the charts and is so often shown on MTV - I think I know it by heart. Having watched it so often I've had a chance to admire her amazing look in this video over and over again. She is beautiful – no question about that. But her makeup is just magical. Whenever I would see the video, I would think to myself: whoever created this makeup is a genius. So, finally, I decided to find out who is responsible.

    Leona’s makeup artist is Jane Bradley. According to Jane’s blog, she first did Leona’s makeup in September/October 2007 and has been “almost permanently attached to Leona” since. Currently, Jane does Leona's makeup for all the numerous events she attends daily (and Leona has a lot as she is promoting her debut album and is taking the entertainment industry by storm). Jane also flew to LA to do Leona’s makeup in the "Bleeding Love" video.

    Leona’s look in "Bleeding Love" has made some noise among beauty addicts worldwide and, of course, among beauty bloggers. There have also been a couple videos on YouTube in which people attempted to recreate her makeup in that video. Not only the makeup is gorgeous, but also the dress she is wearing is breathtaking. Just in case you were wondering, it is a Dolce and Gabbana creation worth £100.000=$200.000.
    This crystal-encrusted forty pound dress is from Dolce and Gabbana collection Fall 2007.

    Going back to Leona’s makeup in "Bleeding Love"… I decided not to post the YouTube videos here as, to my big regret, each of them has some kind of a presentation flaw – like a noisy cartoon in the background for example. I am not the one to give directions on creating a smoky eye as I am just trying to master it myself. I also tend to wear more subtle makeup so this look is new for me. However, I thought it would be fun to look into the details of this amazing makeup by Jane Bradley. So I took a closer look at Leona’s makeup and did a couple screen shots.

    As you can see from the photos above – it is a dramatic smoky eye done in very dark (almost black) green shades. Dark green eye shadow, the base of Leona’s smoky eye, is applied with a bit of a tick on the outer eye corners. Light silver shadow goes right under the eyebrow to lift it up. I think there is also a golden highlight in the center of an upper eyelid. Finishing touches include fake eye lashes and a black eyeliner applied along the upper eye lashes.

    I decided to give this smoldering eye a try myself. It was a very quick experiment and I am not claiming that I did recreate Leona’s look.
    I used:
    L’Oreal eye shadow in black: 163 Smoke;

    Essence’s shadow in sparkling green: Jungle Queen 22,

    Lancome’s silver eye shadow in 316 Pierre de Lune,

    Chanel’s Liquid Eyeliner in black,

    Estee Lauder’s Magna Scopic Mascara.

    I did not have an eye shadow in the exact dark green but it appeared to be no problem at all.
    Here is what I did:
  • applied L’Oreal shadow in black, then over it a shadow in sparkling green to achieve the extremely dark green shade. I liked the final color and how you can control the intensity of green and black shades by layering and blending. It took me some courage to really go faaaar beyond my outer eye corner. Not sure I achieved that upward tick – need some training here. To blend the eyeshadow well and to create a smoky transition I used a brush and my finger (which is always a reliable tool).
  • applied some shadow along the lower eye line and made sure there was a nice transition between the upper and the lower eye lids(along the outer corner).

  • applied a metallic-silver shadow under the eyebrow. Silver should be quite subtle not to stand out.
  • achieved a bit of a more highlight with a tiny touch of white shadow right under the eyebrow in the outer corner.
  • finished up with an eyeliner along the upper eye lid.
  • curled eyelashes and applied mascara.
  • did eye brows. This look needs prominent eye brows to be balanced. Since my usual eyebrow corrector allows just a touch of colour, here I had to use an eye pencil in dark brown.

    You can see the results in the photos.

    And, now enjoy watching Leona’s Bleeding Love videos. The second one is a US version. Check out a more subtle Leona look in that video.

    Here are some links about Leona Lewis you may enjoy:

    Leona Lewis web page with interesting facts about the singer, articles, links, videos etc.
    Leona Lewis fan site.
  • Thursday, February 7, 2008

    “Skin Care and Beauty” Photo Contest

    Challenge for your Creativity

    Win samples of Swiss and German skin care products! (scroll down for more details about the prize)

    Read Details:

  • What you need to do
    To win the prize you do not have to be a professional photographer or a model, you just need to unleash your imagination and creativity.

    Make a creative quality skin care and beauty themed photo and send in for a review.

    Email: beautyhealthinfo at

  • Some Hints
    - Artistic photos of you with your favourite skin care products are also welcome. - Especially welcome are photos with people in them not just of a skin care product alone!
    - Snapshots and low quality photos are not accepted.
    - No nude photos, please.

  • Copy Right
    - The photo has to be made by YOU.

  • Note: By participating in this contest you give me the right to post your photo on this blog and

  • Deadline
    25 March, 2008

  • Best photo wins!
    I will announce the winner at the end of March, 2008

  • Prize
    You will get minimum 10 samples from quality Swiss and German brands:
    Annemarie Börlind(Germany): Eye Crème, Ceramide Vital Fluid, 4 samples from System Absolute Line – Annemarie Börlind products contain 100% natural ingredients. According to Style Switzerland (Schweizer Illustrierte), Boerlind Brand is one of Kate Winslet's favourites.
    Heliotrop (Germany): Multiactiv Face and Eye Cream
    Biokosma(Switzerland): Day Cream and Hydrogel for normal/mixed skin
    Rausch(Switzerland): Shine spray

    At our discretion, we may also give a link to the winner’s website, provided it is good quality and skincare/ beauty/ photography related.

    The prize will be shipped by regular mail. I am not responsible for delays or non-deliveries.

    Send your photos or/and questions to beautyhealthinfo at
  • Wednesday, February 6, 2008

    Beauty Fact: Exfoliating Fish With Big Appetite

    Did you know that there is a type of fish that is used for exfoliating purposes?
    You read right! Garra rufa, also called a nibble fish and doctor fish, is originally found in the Northern and Central Middle East. Garra rufa just happens to like to munch on flaky dead skin and appears to have a special passion for calluses. Garra rufa appetites can be experienced in numerous Turkish and Asian spas. Spa guests are reassured that the fish is actually toothless! Mostly Spa guests sit on an edge of a big pool with their feet in the water getting a fish pedicure. However, you can also get your whole body nibbled on if you wish.

    There are some claims that this fish can cure psoriasis and other skin conditions. Some facilities offer psoriasis treatments and packages based on hungry Garra rufa. People swear that after they had a doctor fish treatment their psoriasis was fully gone. However, experts suggest it is just temporary symptoms relief.

    Can you imagine having a new regular beauty routine of soaking feet in your aquarium with Garra rufa!?

    In this video you can see how the fish munch away.

    Tuesday, February 5, 2008

    Beauty Review: Sisley’s Energizing Foaming Exfoliant

    Product Tag Line:
    Smoother, more radiant, youthful-looking skin with a refined texture.

    Product Profile in short:
    (as described on Sisley Website)
    • stimulates and tones skin,
    • refines skin texture,
    • leaves skin feeling smoother and more supple,
    • remineralizes
    Smooth, supple, toned skin.

    What’s Inside:
    * micro-spheres “which work gently to eliminate surface dead cells and roughness”
    * essential oils and plants extracts “to help improve the appearance of the skin”
    Plants extracts:
    - Gentian
    - Horsetail
    - Lavender
    - Rosemary
    - Saponin

    Close-up on Active Ingredients:
    Propylene Glycol- humectant and emulsification agent
    Sodium Laureth Sulfate – surfactant characterized by excellent foaming and low skin irritation properties. Some sources claim that it is a potential carcinogen however this has not been confirmed. (see CTFA response to the rumours)
    Polyethylene –exfoliating spheres
    Potassium Lauryl Sulfate - surfactant
    Cocamidopropyl Betaine - derived from the fatty acids of coconut oil, combined with alcohol and betaine, mild cleansing and foaming agent, emulsifier, surfectant
    Zea Mays (Corn) Starch is usually added to creams and lotion to give a powdery feel to your skin on drying
    Cetearyl Alcohol – used as emulsion stabilizer, emollient, thickening agent and carrying agent for other ingredients
    Hydrogenated Castor Oil – polyethylene glycol naturally derived from castor oil and is a solubilizer, foam stabilizer and an emulsifier.
    PEG-40 Glyceryl Cocoate conditioning, cleansing agent derived from coconut.
    Sodium Chloride

    Mineral oil – occlusive
    Saponaria officinalis Extract has surfactant, lathering, antibacterial properties
    Gentiana Lutea Extract has anti-oxidant properties, anti-inflammatory effects and is used to enhance skin’s healing ability
    Equisetum Arvense Extract (Horsetail) -
    rich in natural conditioning minerals, sulfur, amino acids, cysteine, flavone, saponine and some other good stuff. Stimulates skin’s regeneration, improves circulation, has a softening and smoothing effect.

    Rosemary Leaf Oil – has antioxidant, anti-bacterial, refreshing and toning effects
    Towards the very end of the list we find Lavender Oil – balances skin, stimulates cellular growth
    As always the list is finished up with a couple Parabens

    It is a bit of a pity that all the essential oils and extracts are so down at the bottom of the ingredient list.

    Texture: Very nice, has really high foaming ability so you don’t need to use too much of the product Spheres are really very tiny.
    Smell: Beautiful naturally herbal. Nice tones of lavender

    I loved this exfoliant! It is a wonderful product that lets you combine a shower gel and a scrub. I have never tried a body exfoliant that would make my skin so silky and smooth to the touch. After using it skin feels already moisturized. It’s incredible.

    It is also a double pleasure to use it due to an energizing delicious herbal smell.

    Price Tag:
    Around 70-80 $

    Reviews on other Sisley's Skin Care Products:

    Reviews on other Sisley's Skin Care Products:

    All Day All Year
    Sisleya Radiance Anti-Aging Concentrate
    Buff and Wash Gel

    You can get more information about Sisley products range as well as shop for Sisley's Beauty Products

    Saturday, February 2, 2008

    Beauty Shopping: Looking for Perfect Concealer

    Still hunting for a perfect concealer, I tried out Helena Rubinstein’s Magic Concealer, had a brief look at Dior’s SkinFlash and gave another chance to YSL’s Touche Eclat.

    Helena Rubinstein’s Magic Concealer comes in a tube without an applicator. I liked its texture: light, easy to apply and blend into the skin. I think this is one of the least noticeable concealers I’ve tried out! It also offers a very good coverage. Though after some time and a bit of laughing, you do notice a couple lines …

    I have recently read that Dior's SkinFlash is great to camouflage dark circles so I briefly looked at it. Just like YSL’s Touche Eclat, it is a highlighter. When I was already back home and looked at Dior’s site, I discovered that they have a product specially made for under eye area: Anticerne Perfecteur Hydrating Concealer. Now I am dead curious how it compares to others.

    With one eye comouflaged with Magic Concealer and the other with Touche Eclat, I was trying to decide which I liked better. A sales girl expressed an opinion that I, in fact, DO NOT have any dark circles. I asked what those shadows under my eyes are. To what she replied that first of all I tend to stand too close to the mirror and second, you always see more imperfections on your own face. She was really pushing for Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat as a more natural look. YSL does look very natural as it has very light texture, blends nicely and smoothly. It does not have concentrated color pigment. In fact, YSL’s Touche Eclat is a highlighter with some concealing properties. However it is so often mentioned as a concealer that you just forget it is actually not. For example, In Style last year featured it as the best “Undereye Concealer” of the year. I constantly read that this or that makeup artist loves YSL Touche Eclat. So I just made up my mind to buy it. So now I am a proud owner of YSL Touche Eclat! The picture of it I made (below) is kind of symbolic with those heavy shadows on the one side and golden light on the other - got it like this just by chance.

    My Best Concealer List (based on a product's ability to conceal but at the same time not to emphasize fine lines):
    1. MAC's Select Moisturecover - seems to be the best!
    2. Helena Rubinstein's Magic Concealer - blended very nicely into the skin
    3. Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer Kit and Bourjouis' Anti Dark Circles - Bobbi Brown has to be applied over a moisturizer but in the end looks quite natural, get an additional point as it comes with a powder, both have nice texture. Get mor details from my previous Concealer Hunt Posts:
  • Bobbi Brown, MAC, L'Oreal
  • Bourjouis, Laura Mercier
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