Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beauty Review: Bed Head Dumb Blonde Conditioner

In my perpetual search for an effective treatment product for my damaged hair I decided to give Bed Head a try. Ignoring the insulting title I purchased Dumb Blonde Conditioner (what on earth was their marketting team thinking?!).

The first impression I want to share with you is about the way this product smells. It is so intense and overwhelming and sweet and again SO strong... The only thing you want is to get it out of your hair and out of your shower.

Result: It did produce an effect on my blonde damaged locks. They became softer and had more volume to them. What they remained is VERY dry.

Conclusion: Bed Head Dumb Blonde Conditioner is really not enough to revive color treated dry damaged hair. If your hair is in as critical condition as mine, you will need a more intensive treatment (e.g. a mask, serum) to moisturize and restore the hair and as a bonus give apply Bed Head Dumb Blonde Conditioner to add softness and volume.
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