Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kajamaz Adult Footie Pajamas Launch in US and Canadian Markets

Adult footie pajamas continue to enjoy great popularity in Europe especially during the cold season of autumn and winter. Lots of people enjoy the fun design and the warmth provided by adult onesies pajamas. European brand of adult footie pajamas Kajamaz each year offers new fun prints on the market .

This year Kajamaz announces the launch of a new flannel collection Autumn/Winter 2015/2016. All the fabrics in the onesie pajamas collection have been specially manufactured for Kajamaz and are 100% cotton with both sides brushed for extra softness and coziness. The new onesie collection features such designs as: Happy Cats with multicolor smiley cats; Night owls with cute blue owls on white background and Christmas Morning with fairytale polar animals frolicking in the snow surrounded by Christmas trees and snowflakes.


Kajamaz footie pajamas brand has a special focus on the quality and is not mass produced in China but manufactured with an eye on details in Europe. As brand director Galina Soldatenko said: “ We are using quality fabrics and manufacture our products in Europe to make sure our clients are happy with the quality. This is what makes Kajamaz different from our competitors. We also use YKK the best zippers on the market that will never break on you. Our design is also different – we find back flap with Velcro closure not so convenient that is why we developed a different adjustable back flap specially for Kajamaz.”

This year Kajamaz onesie pajamas has launched its line in Amazon US, Canada and Italy in addition to the UK, it is also available through the website at Adult Footed Pajamas.

Check out Kajamaz on Amazon.com:
Adult Footie Pajamas

Amazon Canada:
Adult Onesie Pajamas

Also available in Italy:
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