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Beauty Review: Sisley Buff and Wash Gel with Botanical Extracts

Product Tag Line:

“Every morning, soft, perfectly clean skin, and a fresh, glowing complexion”

Product Profile in short:
(as described on Sisley Website)

“Rich in natural botanical extracts and essential oils, Buff and Wash Facial Gel cleanses skin, removing in a single step the surface dead cells and impurities which dull the complexion”


  • “Wakes-up” the face and helps stimulate skin
  • with regular use skin appears clearer and more radiant
  • provides a pleasant sense of comfort and freshness
  • protects skin's natural pH balance and is ideal for daily use

    What’s Inside:
    Natural botanical extracts (Poppy)
    Essential oils (Verbena and Lavender)

    Close-up: How active are the active ingredients?

    Glycerin - a humectant, attracts water to epidermis
    Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP) - vegetable protein that has been broken down into its component amino acids. HVP has conditionaing effect on the skin but is also widely used as flavor enhancer in food products
    Silk Amino Acid – Derived from secretion of silkworm, has anti-oxidant and water-binding (moisturizing) properties
    PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil - polyethylene glycol naturally derived from castor oil. Can be used as a thickening agent as well as an emulsifier and surfactant
    Polyethylene – these are the exfoliating particles
    Citrus Medica Limonium Fruit Extract - Lemon Fruit Extract is an astringent, reduces irritation and oiliness, has toning, cell stimulating and anti-bacterial properties
    Propylene Glycol – humectant and emulsification agent
    Papaver Rhoeas Extract – Corn Poppy Extract, emollient and a soothing agent
    Carbomer - emulsion stabilizer
    Towards the end of the list we find Lavender Oil – balances skin, stimulates cellular growth and regeneration
    Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil - has antiseptic and astringent properties
    finishing up with a couple Parabens - commonly used preservatives which according to FDA are safe.

  • So as I can see Buff and Wash Gel contains a number of moisturizing, conditioning and astringent ingredients. A couple of astringents are responsible for the look of tighter pores. It definitely is quite mild and balancing. I could find only one ingredient that was mentioned by some sources to have surfactant properties (ability to “dissolve” oil and remove dirt from surfaces).

    Texture: very nice gel like with a less concentration of exfoliating particles than normally in scrubs
    Smell: extremely light natural herbal smell, you just feel like inhaling it over and over again (which is actually great to improve blood circulation in the skin)

    I use very small amount and massage the Buff and Wash Gel gel onto skin with light circular movement without using to much pressure. (while doing it, enjoy the light and fresh smell) Then I remove it with plenty of water. I like the effect very much: Sisley’s Buff and Wash Gel makes the skin look stimulated, energized, bright and more radiant, pores are tighter and less visible. Skin feels clean and comfortable without any feeling of tightness.

    I think Sisley’s Buff and Wash Gel is an amazing product because it actually combines the properties of a washing gel, mechanical exfoliator and a toner. In addition to all this, it is suitable for every-day use!
    The only remark I would make is that when I would wash it off with water, no mater how much I try I would still often feel some particles on my skin when applying my moisturizer. However I consider it as a very small discomfort.

    Sisley recommends this products for all skin types. I would especially recommend it for those who have dull tired complexion, uneven skin tone due to the slowed down cell turnover, those with oily/ medium oily skin types with visible enlarged pores. Note, those who are cuperose and redness prone should be extremely careful about every-day scrubs. Even though these products are mild, they can potentially worsen cuperose and irritation.

    Price Time:
    Price can range from 60 to 80$. It is a bit high for a daily use product but the effect can be worth it.

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    You can get more information about Sisley product range and Buff and Wash Gel, in particular, as well as shop for Sisley's Beauty Products at Sisley Cosmetics on Squidoo

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