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Beauty Review: Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Self-Tanning Milk for Body vs Shiseido Daily Bronze Moisturizing Emulsion

Recently I’ve been using these two bronzers to give some summery color to my pale skin :-) Here are my impressions.

Shiseido Bronze Emulsion “promotes a gradual natural bronze color and dramatic silkiness with daily use”
Estee Lauder Self Tanning Milk “dries quickly, leaves a radiant glow”, “even golden color starting in under an hour”

Shiseido Daily Bronze Moisturizing Emulsion
comes in a pump which is super convenient. While Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer is packaged in a bottle with a screw on cap. Pump seemed much more convenient, hygienic and practical to me. I could see with time that Bronze Goddes Tanner was starting to oxidize and turn a bit brown. With Shiseido’s Bronzing Milk you can easily control the amount you want to get out by pressing it all the way down or just lightly pressing down the pump or for a bigger amount pushing it several times. It’s excellent!

Close-Up on Ingredients:
It was interesting to compare ingredient lists of the two self tanners. I remember sales girl advertising Shiseido's bronzer as having some anti-oxidant properties. I found no anti-oxidant ingredients on the list. In fact, it’s a very short ingredients list. I do see several humectants and emollients though, such as glycerin, butylene glycol, and dimethicone. There are no natural extracts and all the ingredients are just artificially created chemicals. In Bronze Goddess Bronzing Milk, on the other hand, I see a lot of natural ingredients, some truly surprising! For example it contains such exotic extracts as Spike Moss Extract, Rosemary Extract Hops Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Pomegranate Juice extract, Apricot Fruit Extract; waxes like Narcissus Poeticus Flower Wax Jasmine Flower Wax; stone powders Sunstone Powder, Amber Powder; oils Kukiu Oil, Olive Fruit Oil…
I was not going to write about ingredients in this review but when I compared the two lists I was so surprised at the huge difference and contrast that I decided to point it out… So actually Bronze Goddess Self-Tanner has a lot of anti-ageing, anti-oxidant natural ingredients. Pretty impressing!

Texture: I liked textures of both products. None was oily or sticky. Estee Lauder Bronzer is lighter and more liquid. Shiseido’s Self Tannin Moisturizer has a more creamy texture to it which is still very light.

Fragrance: As you know self-tanners can stink but these two are stink free! Both have pleasant light fragrance to it. Bronze Goddess just as the description says has this beachy scent that your skin gets only in the sun…

*Shiseido’s Daily Bronzing Moisturizer is an axcellent product to achieve just a touch of color. It’s also a plus that you can use it on your face as well. It didn’t break me out or gave me any allergic reaction. In fact this product was dermatologically tested.

Streaks: I never got any streaks with Shiseido Tanning Emulsion.

Color: The color looked very natural. I even got a compliment from my husband after applying it for several days to my face he said I looked fresh and rested (reminding you – I have a baby who keeps me up at night!)
* Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Self-Tanning Milk for Body I would use if you really want and need to see the color. One thing I didn’t like so much was that after application my skin felt hot as if a bit burning…

Streaks: Once it gave me streaks but probably I just didn’t apply it properly. What you need to do is to blend it well and fast. It also absorbs into dry skin on the knees and elbows so make sure to apply moisturizer on these parts to make your tan more even.

Color: In terms of the natural color. It looked to me less natural than the color I got from Shiseido’s Bronzing Emulsion. But I do not remember how my suntanned skin looks :-) I have not suntanned in years :-)

Price Tag:
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Self-Tanning Milk for Body – 26-27 USD
Shiseido Daily Bronze Moisturizing Emulsion – 36 USD

Bottom Line:
I would definitely get Shiseido’s Bronze Moisturizing Emulsion for daily use again. But for a more intensive tan I may try to look for a middle ground in terms of naturally looking color and intensity between the daily bronzer by Shiseido and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Self-Tanning Milk.

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