Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beauty Shopping: Shopping in Brussels, Belgium

Traveling on business and for pleasure to Brussels a week ago I was looking forward to doing some shopping! Our hotel was right next to Grand Place so I did not get to shop at the world famous Avenue Louise...sigh... No time for long taxi rides…In fact in the end I am not even sure what the name of the street I was shopping at was … there were numerous brand names Zara, Sisley, Pimpkie, well known sores like H&M, C&A, Hema and of course beauty stores like internationally known ICI Paris XL plus some local beauty supply stores. The latter ones often have effective but unavailable in other countries products... one can discover some treasures there.

Actually I was looking for some brands not available where I am currently living like Payot and La Mer. But funny enough they were not available in Brussels either. I was told that La Mer can be purchased in Waterloo… out of all places…
So I ended up buying some products for the skin around the eyes:
Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Instant Treatment Eye Mask (instant treatment that is actually mostly for wrinkles and circles but I love the smoothing effect on the skin and it does help to reduce puffiness)
Hydra Patch by Phabel Paris with plant extracts (it promises to re-moisturize and reduce fine lines, these are pads based on gel, I am not a big fan of those though some do give a good effect)
Puffy Eye Reducer Pads by L’Action Cosmetique (those are pads soaked in moisturizing ingredients, they come in a shape of a leaf which is cute, but they leave an unpleasant sticky residue on your skin – huge minus!)
Out of the products mentioned above I will write a full review on Shiseido’s masks, they are really worth it…

Brussels is a fun place! Unfortunately not enough time and opportunities to explore the city but had a chance to enjoy mussels, Belgium fries, waffles and of course world famous Belgina chocolates!

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BiBi said...

you most likely ended up shopping at Rue neuve, the busiest high street shopping. Glad you enjoyed Brussels!

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