Monday, July 5, 2010

Beauty Review: Arbonne Re 9 Advanced Line

Usually I don’t do samples reviews. I have so many full size products waiting for reviews that I have no time to test and write about sample sized products. But this time I made an exclusion. I was contacted by Kellie, Arbonne Consultant. She sounded very excited about the new Arbonne line called Re 9 Advanced and wanted to know my opinion about it. in addition , I have heard soooo much about Arbonne, I was very very curious to finally try it out.

Well let me start by telling you that I was pretty impressed. When you see results in a matter of couple days you cannot but be pretty impressed. But let’s take it step by step. Here are the products I tested:

Smoothing Facial Cleanser
Regenerating Toner
Intensive Renewal Serum
Corrective Eye Cream
Restorative Day Cream SPF 20
Restorative Night Cream

A couple quick words about each product:
Smoothing Facial Cleanser – light consistency, you need a bit to cleanse the whole face, but too much, could make your skin feel a bit dry
Regenerating Toner – pleasant refreshing fluid
Intensive Renewal Serum – light consistency, non oily, quickly absorbs into the skin
Restorative Day Cream SPF 20 – light creamy texture, quickly absorbs, immediately makes skin soft and smooth
Restorative Night Cream – having quite thick texture, it surprisingly absorbs in no time at all and feels very comfortable on the skin. Amazing!
Corrective Eye Cream – medium thick texture, absorbs quickly, moisturizes skin very well and seems to help reduce puffiness - Yay!

After using the Re 9 Advanced line for 2 days I could already see good results: skin looked fresher and firmer, complexion was brighter. Also I noticed that my eye puffiness was much reduced. However I had some sensitivity issues... I would get this burning sensation on my skin. As Kellie explained, what I was feeling was Vitamin C working on my skin. I agree, it could be the Vitamin C to blame for the burning sensation, however this could mean that people with sensitive skin won’t tolerate soem of the produst in Re 9 Advanced very well. Otherwise my impression of Arbonne products from this experience is very very good!

Disclaimer: Author of this blog received samples of the products for a review.

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Kellie said...

Thanks Galina, nice review! The burning, yes may be due to a sensitivity to the extra C as well as perhaps the sea algae. Glad you enjoyed the products and if any viewers would like to purchase, I would love to offer you a little discount if you mention you found me from this review.
Be well~

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