Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beauty Shopping: Dior Eye Shadows and Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess

I just cannot help myself when I see makeup in golden shades... So when my eye caught Dior's eye shadow from their summer 2010 collection Golden Spotlight 616 I could not resist... I just had to have it... It took me 1 minute to think... or not to think it over and I bought it right away... Beautiful... beautiful eye shadow with a wet intense sparkling effect... aaaahhh I love it!

I also decided to get something that will give my skin a more intense color than Shiseido's bronzing daily moisturizer . Since I trust Estee Lauder with my sensitive skin and their quality has never failed me, I decided to give Bronze Goddes Self-Tanning Milk for Body a try. I know I still owe a review for Shiseido's bronzing moisturizer still... sigh... no time but I will do my best!

1 comment:

Beverly Hills said...

hi can you please tell me how much i have to take to own this nice eye shadow?

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