Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beauty Review: Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners

Who would know more about damaged hair than a girl who used to bleach hers for more than a decade… Now I try to limit myself to highlights… well, I confess I do quite intense highlighting :-) Which leaves me with pretty dry dull head of hair.

Recently I have been trying out new Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners. I've been using Daily Moisture Conditioner and Intensive Repair Conditioner.

I have to admit I am the product of my generation. I like the idea of “intensive” everything. Because nowadays life IS intense. Don’t you agree? You need results fast: right here - right now. That’s why I actually liked results I’ve noticed after using INTENSIVE REPAIR Conditioner.
Hair looks brighter, feels and looks bouncier. And the volume looks bigger! I also got good results from Daily Moisture Conditioner. Both products use Fiber Active technology - they penetrate deep inside the hair and help to reconstruct damaged proteins. They also contain Micro Moisture Serum which repairs and nourishes hair and helps to seal lifted cuticles to help protect against further damage in the future.

Dove recommends their new line of Conditioners to those who like a diversity of hairstyles and subject their hair to a lot of action like bleaching, blow drying, brushing and styling etc.

While working on this review I learnt that Dove is the Official Hair Care Sponsor of the Glee Live! Concert Tour! Actually Glee’s star Lea Michele is partnering with Dove to promote Dove’s daily shampoos and conditioners. With her help Dove is trying to send a message to all the women saying that they can enjoy doing their favorite hair styles and do their favorite hobbies no matter how damaging they could be for the hair. Check out dovegleeforall.com for more cool details. And you can actually enter for a chance to win a visit to the set of Glee!

FTC Product Review Disclaimer: The author of this blog received a sample product for this review.

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Revitol said...

Hey nice article. Just started one of my own and was checking out existing ones. Haven't really seen a this detailed a review of dove elsewhere.

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