Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beauty Find: Personalized Approach to Beauty Shopping at

Today I want to share a new beauty discovery. This time it’s not a product, it’s a website with a very unusual but smart concept. Have you heard of The idea of this site is to provide personalized approach to beauty. gives you a chance to use beauty products specially selected matching your profile and your skin’s needs. How does it work? When you become a member you fill out a questionnaire which reflects your skin type, skin issues, age etc. A panel of beauty experts chooses best products each season. Not only do they select their favorites, they also put together a list of products best for you based on your profile. Each season you get a kit of 8 products at the price of 49.9 USD. And as a recent member of I can confirm that these are really good products by well known brands like 3 Lab and Perricone MD…

Curious? So here is what happens when you become a part of beautyfix community. First I filled out a short survey in which I answered various questions starting with my main skin concerns and finishing with the color of my eyes… then I entered a product area at which point I felt like a kid at a toy store! I’ve put together my kit of 8 products + a makeup bag and now it is on its way! But listen, it gets even more interesting. Members are encouraged to review the products they select and for filling out 2 or more surveys they get a 25$ gift card for Wow! Reviewing product has never been so much fun! :-)

My kit has recently arrived and I was really impressed. It is a great deal even though 2 products were not full size. For example, 3 Lab M Lift Cream and Perricone MD Firming Neck Therapy look too small to be full size, they look more like delux samples. But just take a look at all the other products in my kit: IQ Derma Firming Body Gel, Chella Enzyme Exfoliating Mask, 3 Lab Perfect Cleanisng Foam, Pur-Lisse Lip Balm, SPA Face Neroli Water, and beautiful stylish makeup bags. It's still abolutely impossible to buy all the products in the kit for 49.9 USD. It's an amazing deal!

Check out BeautyFix!

Disclaimer: The author of this blog received a sample product for this post.

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usha said...

Hi It's a very nice article and informative too. I have gone throught he website it's nice.

It has compelled me to write sme skin care tips in the following blog.

Please have a look...

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