Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beauty Find: Obagi Medical Products

Recently browsing internet in search of some effective serious skin care line I came across information about Obagi Medical and I got curious about a skin care line that’s available only through dermatologists. Hey, that’s serious, right!? Here is what I found out. Obagi Medical though news to me, is not at all new… it has actually been founded in 1990s by Zein Obagi, MD, a dermatologist. His approach to skin care has been criticized by some and loved by others. Today Obagi Medical is a well known popular skin care brand.

What is special about Obagi products is that they offer a multi-step system approach to treating various skin issues like signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, acne etc. Obagi skin care systems allow to adjust treatments depending on the patient’s response to products as well as to adjust intensity as the treatment progresses.

Obagi offers several lines. For example, Nu-Derm system is a corrective system and addresses signs of photodamage. Condition and Enhance System works to prevent future damage. ClenziDerm System fights acne.

I found Obagi products’ concept very logical and would like to try it myself. What about you? Have you ever used Obagi products?

Obagi products
Obagi review by dermstore.com


Leon said...

I have acne prone skin. I want to use Obagi medical product. Hope this product will able to reduce my skin problem.

Large Pores said...

You mention that this treatment has been criticized by some. What was the criticism?

bmybest said...

I have used Obagi and their claims are pretty accurate. I used the one for hyper-pigmentation and the 4% hydroquinone was very effective, however; I sufferred quite a bit of down-time because of peeling and fairly raw skin. If you have some time to spend inside this product will work, otherwise; I recommend finding a product with 2% solution. It may take a bit longer but you won't have to clear your social calendar:)

Bidaman.. said...

Hello Leon, have you tried Tazorac? Heard lot of good feedback on this product,if you to find information on this product, you can directly go to their website or alternatively to this link ,or maybe you want to try Obagi first and see the result first. Anyway hope you can overcome the acne prone skin problem with either products.

Galina said...

Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment. I'm very curious about the brand and the concept so it's great to get opinion from those who tried it...

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