Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beauty Talk: Flipside of Retinoids


After the post I made on Retinoids’ use in skin treatments some time ago I came across an article in Marie Claire Magazine covering pros and cons of this well-known anti-aging treatment. I had to make a follow up post and talk about the flipside to Retinoids.

According to some skin experts, Retinoids can actually be damaging to the skin. First of all Retinoids can cause inflammation which in the long run can result in more damage as compared to the beneficial effect on wrinkles. As we all well know, inflammation actually accelerates aging.

Retinoids are also believed to thin the skin and make it “lose it’s cushion”.

Finally, overuse or misuse of retinoids can lead to chronic skin irritation, dryness and other problems, leaving your skin in a worse state than before the treatment.

However, the experts quoted in this article didn’t give clear explanations supporting their anti-retinoids statements. For example, I am not sure why using retinoids leads to skin “losing its cushion”. So, in the end, we all should just keep in mind that though there is a negative opinion about retinoids, the jury is still out on this popular anti-aging treatment till we get more information.


Danica said...

I try to only use all natural products, but its difficult finding products like that.

Musicalhouses said...

It's odd...My derm actually said retinoids were good for skin. He did mention that it encourages cell turnover, which is maybe why it thins the skin? I have no idea about the cushioning thing though. But I've only had good effects from it, so unless more results come out I'll still be using my retinoid....

Eva said...

I use cosmetic with oxygen.And the first what is important for me, good testimonials from doctors.And this cosmetic has ECOCERT sertificate.

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