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Beauty Review and Giveaway: Sigma Makeup Brushes - Eyes

This is part two of my review of Sigma Makeup brushes. Go to part 1 to read about Sigma Makeup brushes for facet. Today I will talk about eye makeup brushes.

SS239 Eye Shading Brush

I love this brush! It’s a must have! This brush is tapered and has rounded edge. Medium firm and very dense fibers make it an ideal brush to apply eye shadow on to the eyelid. It picks up shadow powder really nicely and the dense bristles allow you to pack on the color and build the right intensity. SS239 will be a great choice for those who use loose eye shadow powder as well.

SS252 Large Shader Brush

This brush is a bit similar to SS239, fibers are longer, firm but not so thick and fluffy, so the brush is flatter. It is used for shading and for application of emollient-based products. I prefer SS239 for shading with eye shadow, but use SS252 for a more precise application of a hightlight in the center of the eyelid or under the brow and for blending. I also liked using it for the crease when applying multiple shades.

SS219 Pencil Brush

Excellent brush! SS219 features soft, dense fibers gathered in a pencil shape. Great for precise shading right on the crease. The Pencil Brush picks up shadow powder really well which makes it great to apply intense color and create bold look. It’s an excellent tool for doing that outer V-shape when creating a smoky eye and to apply shadow strategically along the lash line. Also good for blending eyeliner into the eye shadow. Perhaps I would like it to be a bit “sharper” to apply shadow on the tear drop.

SS224 Tapered Blending Brush

This brush has a dome shape. The bristles are longer than in pencil brush, are soft and fluffy. It picks up powder quite nicely and is great to apply color on the lid or onto the crease for a nice but soft look and definition. It’s also an excellent tool to blend the shadow and to smooth out any sharp edges. To build intense color and for bolder definition use SS239 and SS219

SS266 Small Angle Brush

Another one of my favorites! Due to short, dense and firm bristles this brush does miraculous job when lining along the lashes! I use it to create a beautiful precise shade along the lower lash line. (see the photo below)
SS266 is also an excellent tool to shape and fill in your brows. As a result, you get natural looking defined eye brows.

SS275 Medium Angled Brush

This brush features dense soft and angled bristles. Great to create and nicely blend a highlight under the brow. SS 275 is also a good tool to define your crease line. It’s a personal preference but I would like it to be a bit less fluffy for the more accurate crease application.

SS209 Eyeliner Brush

Firm bristles combined with a thin tip allow precise, firm, even stroke when applying eye liner. SS209 allows you to get as close to the lashes as possible.

Here is a pic of my test makeup.

All the brushes in the eye kit are made from goat hair except from SS266 and SS209.

I really liked Sigma brushes kit for eyes. This kit costs about 40$ and is a great value for the price. But right now you have a chance to get it for free in our GIVEAWAY! Sigma Makeup offers a free brush kit to one of Skin Care and Beauty Blog readers!! Hurry now and go to Sigma Makeup website check out their wonderful brushes and select between 2 kits: for face or for eyes. Come back to this post or Part 1 of Sigma Brushes Review and leave a comment stating your choice and your email address. If you are afraid of spam, leave a comment and send me your email address to beautyhealthinfo at yahoo.com (include the copy of the comment and your name as well). Please, only one entry per contestant!

The lucky winner will be chosen randomly in two weeks.

This giveaway is open till March 8, 22.00 GMT

Anyone can participate as this giveaway is international!! Yay!

Don't forget to read Part 1 of Sigma Makeup Brushes Review - Brushes for the Face.

Happy to announce a winner for Sigma Brushes giveaway!

Sigma Makeup Brushes for Eyes go to Sena Sagani from Malaysia!

Congratulations, Sena! Hope you will enjoy Sigma Makeup Brushes as much as I did!

Thanks to everyone for participating! Keep tuned for more cool contests and fun posts on Skin Care and Beauty Blog.

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hey! thanks for stopping by on my page! i'd love to enter the contest!

my choice is the eye brush set =)

thanks for the contest/giveaway! be sure to stop by my blog when you have the chance for more FOTD'S and my yt page for tutorials on them

yt name: xjensmakeupbagx

The Giveaway Diva said...

i choose the eye set!!

visit my site to enter my two givewaway! =)

Deanna said...

I'd choose the eye set! :)

PS- Email's in my profile.

Nina said...

I'd love to try the eye brush set!

thanks for the lovely giveaway.

my email is in my blogger profile.

Kat C. said...

I want want want the kit for the face =)

katch05 at gmail dot com

Ann said...

I definitely choose the eye set - great brushes - I would love to enter the contest! :-)

my email: qwerty317 at msn dot com

Mademoiselle said...

Oh count me in!

My email is mademoiselleaparis (gmail.com) and I'm all for the face brushes ;)

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