Sunday, December 2, 2007

Beauty News: Scientists Found a Way to Reverse Ageing

Exciting breakthrough achieved in research of aging.

BBC reports that by blocking a specific protein related to the processes of ageing scientists achieved the effect of age-reversal in mice.

The protein in question is NF-kappa-B. It regulates a number of genes responsible for ageing processes in our body and makes these genes to be more or less active.

Incredible rejuvenating results were achieved by blocking this protein in older mice for two weeks. Their skin became thicker and “more cells appeared to be dividing, much like the skin of a younger mouse.” In addition the skin appeared to have similar genetic characteristics to the skin of newborn mice.

However don’t get too excited about the opportunity to reverse the aging process and to have skin of a newborn forever. It is extremely complicated to manipulate genes. By controlling certain genes, one can achieve positive results in one aspect but at the same time undermine other important and vital functions in a human body. For example NF-kappa-B “has also been implicated in cancer and regulation of the immune system”. As Dr Chang, lead researcher from the Stanford School of Medicine in California, explains: "You might get a longer lifespan but at the expense of something else." Currently, scientists are intending to use the results of the research to improve healing in older patients and they emphasize that the treatment will be short-term.

Source BBC News

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