Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beauty Digest: Illegal Beauty

With the growing pressure to look young the popularity of plastic surgery grows every day. Plastic surgery as we all know very well, is extremely pricey. That's why many women decide to turn to underground cosmetic procedures. In the recent story (featured on cnn here) a young woman died after she received injections of a substance, supposedly sillicone, into her buttocks. The procedure cost her 1800 $ and was performed at an airport hotel by a singer known as Black Madam whom police has identified as Padge Victoria Windslowe, 41.

The number of similar insidents is growing. Women are literally dying to change their bodies to "fit" a beauty image currently popular in the society. And it seems to me there is no solution to this problem. Because first it was the pressure to be extremely skinny and people would starve themselves into oblivion. An effort was made to change the "wrong" perception of a female body in the media and as a result we have now the other extreme. Being bootilicious is sexy now and women are having illegal sillicone injections to get volumptuous forms.

Why are we forcing it? Can't we just accept ourselves for what we are and be happy?

article about Black Madam on philly.dom
discussion about the crime on


Segments of Life said...

I absolutely LOVE this post! I'm glad you're telling women this, since it seems like everything out there just promotes "prefecting" yourself.

Moroccan girl living in the west. said...

I love this post, I couldnt have said it any better myself! its exactly how I feel :)

Jacqui MacNeill (Escents Aromatherapy Essential Oils) said...

Very true. Poor body image is a problem that is rampant in western countries. I wrote a blog post about it recently myself called The Importance of Healthy Body Image for Young Women. The problem only seems to be getting worse I'm afraid. At the very least, people should stop getting plastic surgery and dangerous injections in the name of beauty. In my opinion, natural skin care is the way to go. If it's not enough, you're not being true to yourself. Aging is a part of life and should be appreciated not masked.

Gigi Wax said...

ohh, yes I love this post. i have bookmarked it.

Galina said...

Dear All! Thank you for your comments on this post! I did check out the link Jaqcui posted. Very good post on the same issue. I have more thoughts on this topic and will post soon! Thanks for reading my blog!

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