Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Year Beauty Resolutions for 2011

Even though after the birth of my baby boy, beauty is not my first priority, I still need to set some goals and keep it up so to say! So I was thinking about my beauty resolutions!
I did not do so well with my resolutions this year… Ok! Let’s see...
1. Get regular facials: I got a couple facials but, I sadly admit, they never became regular. On the other hand, I did become a regular customer at a beauty salon down the street dying my hair at least every month and getting manicure or pedicure every month or every other month depending on how much time I have. Trust me it is not so easy to find time for beauty procedures when you have a baby. I think why I did not get regular facials is that they are more time consuming, pricey and I had an unpleasant experience once this year (long story)
2. Start using SPF regularly… again! Check! I think I did well on that one!!!
3. Eat less sweets. I am starting to think this resolution is hopeless! Why did I even put it on the list!
4. Drink more water. Not doing so well on this one… Probably I should try to “eat water” which according to the latest information could be even more beneficial.
5. Eat less meat. Check! I did great on this one. I very rarely eat meat now and I don’t even want meat. I prefer fish which I mostly eat in the form of sushi!
6. Learn something new about Beauty... No time for learning new skills… But I did discover that at home glycolic acid based light peeling products can do wonders for my skin!
7. Try something new in Beauty Blogging. Again a miss on this one because of lack of time!

So here we go: Beauty Resolutions 2011:

1. Do regular facials: maybe I could try to find some time to do them at least at home

2. Eat healthier.

3. Drink (or "eat") more water.

4. Learn a new Beauty skill: makeup application!

5. Try something new in Beauty Blogging: Video reviews or interviews with beauty experts?

6. Organize: I need to get better organized - my makeup is in complete chaos!

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