Monday, January 31, 2011

Beauty Buzz: Would You Buy Beauty Products From A Vending Machine

More and more companies turn to vending machines to retail cosmetic products. BodyShop recently joint the two beauty vending pioneers- beauty retail Sephora and fragrance company Coty. Now Body Shop products are available for purchase though 20 vending machines set up in varios locations in the us in airports and shopping centers as well as in grocery stores such as Kroger Marketplace and Stop & Shop.

More and more luxury high-end products are available for purchase through the vending machines. For example, a company called Chirp is selling bags from Michael Kors, U*tique dispatches cosmetics and fancy chocolates, Retro Sport offers tees with vintage NFL logos.

All of the machines accept credit cards and not cash.

So what do you think? Progress? Or would you prefer to touch, smell, hold a product and buy from a live person?

Marie Claire Jan 2011


Alicia Guarino said...

I personally wouldn't buy from a vending machine at all. Plus, what's the deal with them only offering Credit as a payment method? I'd rather use homemade products. Great blog post!

Ashley*Nicole said...

NO WAY! I like to play with and try stuff before I buy it. Even in the store, if there isn't a sample, I'm less likely to buy it. A vending machine also makes the product seem cheap (even if it isn't). This takes all the fun out of shopping! And it's not helping the unemployment rate either!
-Ashley Nicole

Sensa Skincare said...

It depend where I am if I am on holidays and I ran over then I have to buy it from vending machine but usually I prefer to buy it from the pharmachy.

Ms. Sweettt said...

It all depends. If its something I've tried out before, yes. I love love love convenience! If its something totally new, I probably would pass...unless its lipgloss =)

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