Friday, December 3, 2010

Beauty Review: Flirty Dermastase Soap, Ageless Ultimate Anti-Aging Bar Soap, Eau Flirt Body Wash Liquid Loofah

As soon as I opened the new soaps and put them into my bathroom a heavenly smell filled the whole room and every time I would pass by, if the door was open, I would pause and take a sniff… and go Yum! It was amazing! And this intense scent lasted for a couple weeks!

So here is what I think about Harvey Prince’s new scented soaps and washing gel. First of all the soaps are just as the Harvey Prince site describes them - luxurious. The scent is just like from a bottle of perfume and it lingers on the skin. Both bars Flirty Dermastase Soap and Ageless Ultimate Anti-Aging Bar Soap have exfoliating natural particles such as Pumpkin and berry seeds which provide soft exfoliating effect. Both of them boast having moisturizing, rejuvenating and anti-aging ingredients with a special “revolutionary” Delivery System. This system takes soap bars to a completely new level as a skin care product. Now soaps not only cleanse but treat skin as well. Some of the ingredients mentioned on the company website include tri peptides, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Green tea, olive oil, Mowrah Butter. The soap give nice creamy leather and are a pleasure to use.

My only criticism would be that the bars are huge and I think if they came as the same volume of product but in smaller bars separately packaged they would feel nicer in the hand and the scent would last even longer!!

Eau Flirt Body Wash Liquid Loofah is very foamy and smooth. Creates nice leather, you can even use it to shave… It doesn’t dry out your skin and I love the scent. Actually I like Eau Flirt scent in this washing gel better than in the original perfume because it is not as concentrated.

In addition to the above mentioned new releases check out Harvey Prince’s body lotions with the scents of Ageless and Eau Flirt! I think a genius idea would be to develop a candle with the same scents. How cool would that be!!!??? Looking forward to Harvey Prince’s new creations!

FTC Product Review Disclaimer: The author of this blog received a sample product for this review.

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