Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beauty Talk: What Can Botox Do For You

Since Botox first hit the stage in 1989, it has gone through numerous reinventions. Started as an ophthalmologic treatment it was discovered to be effective against facial wrinkles and in 2002 was welcomed by FDA to the US market. Since then it has become US most popular cosmetic treatment. And it's wildly popular not only in the US but around the world. Botox applications grow with each and every year and currently there are more than 90 uses for this drug only 5 of which are approved in the USA and 16 in other countries. So here are some examples of what Botox treatment can do for you nowadays.

Get wider eye
By injecting a minuscule amount of Botox in the center of the lower lash line docs can create effect of a widening of the eye and give it a more almond shape.

Create a nicer nose
To lift up a tip of the nose without a plastic surgery, doctors inject Botox into the bottom of the septum. If you already have and upturned nose and want it to slope downward it is possible to achieve by injecting Botox into the nostrils. The difference measures in raising or lowering the nose tip by 3 millimiters.

Better (not Wider) smile
Botox makes it possible to fix the horse-teeth smile- the type of smile when your upper lip pulls up too high. A total of 5 strategically calculated injections around the upper lip will solve the problem. This procedure requires lots of experience. Inject in the wrong place and you will get flat lip or asymmetrical mouth.

Treat acne and smooth out skin
Botox can be used to reduce acne by shrinking pores. It is injected superficially without affecting the muscle to paralyze the oil-producing sebaceous glands. Treatment can provide up to 50-75% reduction in pore size.

Give you perky breasts
Botox can give you results comparable to surgical quality in lifting up your bust. To achieve the result, the drug is injected below the sternum to underneath of each breast. However, be warned, results are extremely unpredictable. Some procedures show none at all.

Delete cleavage crinkle
To treat the deep V on the chest caused by the weight of the breasts and sun damage, doctors use a combination of laser and botox treatment. This is a complicated procedure, so stick to an experts with breast experience.

Alleviate migraine headaches
Injecting Botox into the back or sides of the head, forehead or brow area proved effective to relieve migranes.

Plump Up Lips
A pouty lip can me achieved with just one injection of botox under the bottom lip.

Wipe away sadness
You know how with age corners of the mouth tend to turn down. Botox can help with that. Injected into the corners of the mouth it help to slightly turn them up.

This is not the end of the list. Other effects achievable with Botox include relaxing bands in neck, treating muscle spasms and eye twitching, smoothing dimpled chin etc. Just remember, if you decide to use Botox for any of the reasons mentioned above, make sure to find an experienced certified specialist!


Jessica said...

I had no idea so many things could be done w/ Botox! Did you know that treating depression could be one of them?

Several small studies have linked the action of frowning with depression (duh, right) BUT have found that depression can be aided by using Botox to make the patient unable to frown! Of course a lot more research needs to be done, but interesting nonetheless!

It's also important to remember that, like you said, there are very few APPROVED uses of Botox. To be safe, you should always make sure your doctor is a BOARD CERTIFIED dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

BeautyTalk said...

Oh that is so interesting! Thanks for sharing this fact... I didn't know it could be used against depression... Well not directly though.. but it's quite logical right? They recommend to smile even if you feel sad and then your mood will improve!

Debbie said...

I must say Danni Minogue looks fantastic since having botox injections.

BeautyTalk said...

Hi Debbie! Danni Minogue is beautiful! I 've also heard she did some plastic surgery... Botox has worked great for many celebs... I would like to do Botox at some point! I don't want a frozen face but some Botox to controll those expression lines would be good...

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