Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beauty Review: Damascena Pure Rose Water

It is the first time that I am using rose water and I like it!

Product Tag Line:
Make this your own love potion.

Purifies, hydrates, and invigorates skin.

Product Profile in Short:
* Tones skin after cleansing
* Reduces puffiness around eyes
* Hydrates skin, leaving a healthy glow
*Softens the complexion and clears the skin
* Gentle in treating many types of dermatitis, with antibacterial properties which help combat acne
* Balances and restores the skin's Ph, helping to tighten pores.

Close-up on Active Ingredients:

Look at this beautiful list of ingredients.
100% pure Rosa damascena (rose) water, Rosa bourbonia (rose) oil, Lonicera japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) extract.

Texture: transparent liquid
Smell: very subtle rose scent

Rose Water has been used by women for centuries as a tonic, anti-septic and an anti-aging treatment. Benefits of Rose Water for the skin are numerous. It‘s toning and hydrating; it reduces puffiness, balances skin’s Ph and sebum production. In fact, I really appreciated toning abilities of Damascena Pure Rose Water. I apply it with a cotton ball after washing my face and before using a moisturizer. It makes my skin look fresher, healthier and brighter. The results are visible almost immediately. I also noticed how well it minimizes pores and balances my medium oily T-Zone. Note that you can use rose water as a mask. I tested placing 2 cotton balls soaked in chilled rose water over my eyes to see if this treatment will do anything to eye puffiness. As a result, my eyes did look less puffy and refreshed. You can also use Rose water to moisten a mask, for example a clay mask.

Bottom Line:
Usually I avoid using toning products because they irritate my skin or make it feel tight. But this time it was a completely positive experience for me!

Price Tag:
25-40$ at


Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

Thanks for sharing. I've used it in a mask, but never as a toner, which I'll now try tonight. Thanks!

The_Perfectionist said...

thats interesting, ive used a toner before from and it smelled like roses!! but it didnt really do anything acne wise just cleaned my face :)

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