Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beauty Tip: Don't Drink, Don't Smoke, Stay Away From Sweets

No matter how often people talk about beauty being superficial, it is simply not true. Skin’s beauty is not just about the creams and makeup we layer on it, most of it comes from within. That’s why it is so important how well you take care of your body.

Smoking is a well known enemy of skin. It destroys collagen and elastin, causes broken capillaries and oxygen deficiency in your skin. Did you know that one puff of a cigarette creates over 100 times more free radicals than a UV dose enough to get a suntan? So if you want to have young looking healthy skin longer, quit now!

Moving on to all things sweet. Life without chocolate would be unbearable. But what you should know is that sweets can actually accelerate aging. When sugar gets into our blood, it turns into glucose and binds with protein or lipid molecules. This process is called glycation. Unfortunately, glycation directly impacts such vital proteins in our skin as collagen and elastin. As a result skin becomes stiff and loses its elasticity which leads to the formation of wrinkles. Solution is as simple as that – do not indulge into sweets and simple carbohydrates.

Alcohol is not very often mentioned among skin damaging factors. However it is a known fact that more than one glass of alcohol increases inflammation in the bloodstream. Inflammation means quicker aging. So make sure to count your glasses!


Adrienne said...

I knew that smoking was bad for the skin, but I had not idea it was worse than UV! Great info. Totally bummed about sugar:( I LOVE sugar.

BeautyTalk said...

@Adrienne I can't give up on sugar! I think out of the tree evils it is the lesser one :-)

Emily said...

ha thanks for these great tips! , i go for brown sugar (i heard that cane sugar and stuff r bad for health and skin,its always hard to stay away from sugar, so instead try replacing it w/ brown sugar!)

o and thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting, u have one of the best blogs!its so helpful

BeautyTalk said...

@Emily Hi Emily! Thanks! Well, one needs to enjoy life, right? I think it's important to enjoy the little pleasures! So that you don't end up wrinkle free but also fun free... so a bit of sugar and even a tiny bit of sun are good for you! have not heard this about brown sugar, will look up!

My Fashion Frenzy said...

As always, great tips! But stay away from sweets? Urgh

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

So true! My greatest vice is my sweet tooth. But I'm trying to curb it by switching to fruits instead of chocolate. When I do get cravings once in a while, I will indulge a little. It's all worth it for me when my hubby starts complimenting my skin! He sees me everyday so if he notices a change, I know it's working!

BeautyTalk said...

Yes, fruit instead of chocolate is a great decision! Try dry fruits, they are sweet and rich in vitamins - a great alternative to a cookie or a piece of chocolate! However, fruit sugars also contribute to glycation :-( but not as bad as simple ones.

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