Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beauty Find: The Face Trainer - Miracle Beauty Mask?

Think there is no way other than surgery and injections to fight wrinkles and sagging? Think again! I came across a mention of the FaceTrainer developed by no!no! in the last issue of Marie Claire. To me a stretchy mask that covers your head and face looked more like a torture device than a beauty gadget. It really caught my attention and I looked it up. So how does it work? Using patented technology The FaceTrainer mask “turns simple facial movements into a total resistance training workout” . What it means is that you just wear this mask for 10 minutes every day and do usual facial exercises recommended in a user’s manual.
The miracle mask comes at a high price of 200$ but no!no! is not afraid to run your expectations high as well. They promise that in 30 days The FaceTrainer mask will reduce sagging by 71% and wrinkles by 42%! The Face Trainer is the only device of its kind registered with FDA. Pretty impressing, isn’t it?

The only thing I would recommend is to make sure your boyfriend/husband doesn’t see you doing those exercises. ;-)


Emily said...

haha very interesting

i was curious about this too

i saw it in jap. mags its really funny

thanks for sharing lol :]

Tanveer Parmar said...

Hey, This looks a lot like that facebra on the characters invented on Alley McBeal - That calista flockhart show with the dancing baby.. LOL..

Cris said...

Maybe that's the secret of Demi Moore's Beauty
and Hirudotherapy not.. Ja

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