Friday, December 19, 2008

Weird Fragrances and Curious Developments in Perfume Industry in 2008

You may be amazed what kind of fragrances are out there! Cosmeticsdesign-Europe ran an article where they mention several “weird and wonderful” scents of 2008.

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For those who think burgers smell seductive Burger Kind released men's perfume called “Flame”.
It has a hint of flame broiled meat and captures the “essence of love” America has for its favourite sandwich Whopper.

Another curious scent was developed by Sports Interactive. This fragrance aims to inspire consumer’s winning spirit. And what can inspire that spirit if not the various scents found in the dressing rooms of successful teams. I wonder what this perfume smells like… sweaty T-Shirt?

Want to know how confidence and efficiency smell? Then try the fragrance launched by the Catalan Socialist Party back in January this year. Actually, as Albert Majós, explained it is neither a "perfume nor air-freshener" but the aromatic representation of socialism's values.

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Finally, let’s not forget Christopher Brosius’ ‘I Hate Perfume’ range. Here are a couple examples of his fragrances: Fir Tree – fir trees in the forest with a touch of frozen ground. Ocean/Eternal Return - the scent of sailing to the shore. Blend of fresh ocean air, wooden ship and a faint hint of cypress trees growing on the cliff above the water. I have never tested any of Christopher Brosius’ perfumes but I found his idea of expressing himself and his artistic vision in the perfume quite captivating.

Perfume industry seems to be full of new developments and nice surprises for consumers. 2008 saw the launch of an anti-aging perfume Ageless Fantasy by Harvey Prince. Recently a Mood-enhancing fragrance compound derived from sea coral has been approved for a patent.

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Only listen what it can do to your psychological state: “Just inhaling very small quantities resulted in enhanced feelings of confidence, relaxation, affection, warmth, satisfaction and sensuality, in both men and women,” a spokesman for the Human Pheremone Sciences said. I am looking forward to new discoveries and launches!


Anonymous said...

I love that anti-age fragrance; Ageless Fantasy Perfume by Harvey Prince. Entirely new & amazingly effective!

Jennifer said...

Interesting to read about! But of course, i m not going 2 try all these. Ageless fantasy seems nice, who doesn't love to substract some years out of life???

BeautyTalk said...

:-) Of course not! I don't want to smell like a hamburger! Ageless Fantasy is definately a great idea. And... I think this idea of a mood-enhancing perfume is interesting. However if it is so effective in changing your mood... could it make some sensitive (unbalanced) people hysterical, for example... or could there be developed a perfume that somebody could use to control our state of mind... our mood... I guess I am thinking about that book and movie Perfume

bonnie4040 said...

Ageless is Priceless!!!
Yes, it has a remarkable positive effect on mood. I love it.

Cheryl said...

Hello Beautytalk, a fragrance may not be able to control the entire mood but it can motivate or guide human psyche to some extent. Perhaps ageless is based on that fact.

BeautyTalk said...

Hi Cheryl! Thanks for your comment. Since that post I had a chance to take a closer look (or should I say sniff!! lol!) at Ageless Fantasy. Here is my review
Its effect is based on smell associations, so yes, so to say, it "guides human psyche" to feeling younger and to percieving those who wear Ageless as younger and more energetic :-)

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