Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beauty News: Anti-Ageing Perfume


If you care about the way you look and strive to look young - be careful how you smell! Rose is a no-no, grapefruit and apples are the right choice! reports that fragrance designer Harvey Prince has launched a new scent in the European market that makes other people perceive you as being much younger than you really are.

This new anti-ageing sensation is based on several studies. A study made in 200 showed that that women in their 40s and plus have more than twice increased levels of "2-Nonenal – which is associated with a 'grassy, greasy' odour – as well as higher levels of Omega 7 and lipid peroxides".

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Another study conducted by the Smell and Taste Research Foundation in 2005 revealed that "grapefruit-based scent is associated with a younger age group". And finally a study conducted by Rutgers team for Harvey Prince, involving fifteen men in five age groups (starting from 20 to 60 plus) found that "the rose was most associated with older age groups and apple fragrance was most associated with younger age groups"

Harvey Prince says it used the research findings to create a scent that best masks odours associated with older age groups. But of course, the exact formula of the new fragrance is a HUGE and closely guarded secret. All we know is that the perfume combines pink grapefruit, pomegranate, jasmine, mango and soft must... Here you have it - now you can smell younger! The anti-ageing perfume is called "Ageless Fantasy". And the name is true - it is just a fleeting fantasy... remember to keep refreshing it!

I love this video clip from Ellen Degeneres show - beauty recommendations are definitely based on those 2005 studies.... They didn't know then that the rose scent is actually associated with an older age.

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    kld1516 said...

    video is great! the fragrance idea by Harvey Younger is the next Coca Cola! secret formula and all...totally brilliant! addictive and a must have.
    question- why did the Estee Lauders and L'oreals of the world think of this?

    courtney S said...

    That video is hilarious! I need to get myself a bottle of Ageless fantasy soon I've been hearing about this Amazing product every where and it looks like people are really loving it!

    Leiya said...

    Nice video. Nice perfume. I must try it soon.

    BeautyTalk said...

    Hi Leiya! It is a nice perfume. And according to Ellen Degeneres can be multifunctional as well... lol! for example, you can use it, if you want your flat to appear newer :-) Did you see review here
    Try it - you won't be disappointed!

    lisa said...

    Funny. However perfume is now associated with a certain demographic; older, thus Harvey Prince defeated his purpose.

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