Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beauty Review: Nightshift by Harvey Prince

Close your eyes and imagine: the sun is down… it’s a warm summer night and you are in the garden with cicadas chirping, fool moon glistening high above, light warm breeze stroking your hair, dancing with leaves and flowers… the wind brings the seductive scent of Jasmine … and then you feel the sweet honey, almond and vanilla of the Night Phlox caressing your senses… intoxicated, you feel another scent, sweet and soft of the Evening Primrose… Nightshift is another amazing perfume by Harvey Prince! I could really appreciate it because I could associate with my personal experience. The fact is we have a summer house with a garden. We always have flowers in our garden that open up and blossom only in the evening or at night. It is as if our garden at night has a life of its own, the mysterious life full of intoxicating flower scents, quiet but at the same time rich and intense…. I thought it was a brilliant idea to make a perfume combining scents of night flowers. The scent is sweet, warm but at the same time very fresh and charged with energy and mystery. Perfect for a night out. Be it a candlelight dinner or a wild night out at a club

FTC Product Review Disclaimer: The author of this blog received a sample product for this review.


Skinny Walk said...

Ahh, I want it!

beth said...

sounds lovely - need a sample !

Anonymous said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing!

Andrea @ Mineral Cosmetics said...

My bestfriend has this perfume. She wears it almost everyday. I asked her to give me Nightshift on christmas.

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