Friday, October 2, 2009

Beauty Talk: What You Can Do For Your Skin in Autumn

With October upon us sunny days are becoming a thing of the past and colder gloomier weeks are waiting ahead. But don’t be sad. No more sun means good for your skin! And autumn is a good time to pay some special attention to it. First of all your skin needs some help to recover from the sunny summer months. Not only did it get a dose of aging UV rays, hot sunny weather may also have caused some dehydration, broken capillaries, loss of firmness… these are actually all symptoms of sun-damage. What can you do to help your skin out?
Do it at home with a special kit available from many brands (for example, Lancome), or use professional help. Many cosmetologists recommend to wait until October to take a series of professional peeling procedures. In October the sun becomes mild enough not to cause any damage to the freshly revealed skin layer.

2.Intensify your moisturizing efforts!
During the hot, sunny summer months your skin looses a lot of moisture. Dehydration is one of the reasons why it looks so dull and you can see new lines.
3.Add an intensive product into your skin care routine
Cosmetologists recommend, starting from your late 20s-early 30s, to include into your daily routine an intensive skin treatment once or twice a year for 1-3 months. The length and intervals between the treatments depend on your age and skin condition.
4. Give your skin an At-Home Intensive Beauty Treatment
Do a series of mini at-home facials.2-3 times a week apply a mask: once or twice choose a moisturizing mask, once – an antioxidant, anti-aging or energizing one. Here is a quick tip: Before applying a mask cleanse your face or use an exfoliator to prepare your skin for the treatment. To increase the potency of the mask you can treat your face to a steam bath. Put some hot water in a bowl, cleanse your face and sit over the bowl. Cover yourself with a towel to keep the steam in. You can also add a green tea bag into the water for additional antioxidant effect or a chamomile tea bag for soothing effect. A steam bath will open up the pores and help to cleanse them of the accumulated sebum and dirt. It will also moisturize, soften the skin and stimulate blood circulation (that is why if you are prone to broken vessels in the face you should skip this step). After the steam bath follow all the other steps of the facial: exfoliate and apply a mask.


Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

Ooh nice tip on steaming your face while a mask is on, especially with some green tea! I'll have to try that!

Gaby said...

Nice tips1 Thanks for sharing (=

jenelia said...

Nice article…. We all need to protect our skin and keep it healthy and glowing. Autumn is the time for a great variety of fruit and vegetables that will provide our body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients to improve skin from the inside for its health and beauty. Tell me more about some homemade face masks.

BeautyTalk said...

Hi Jenelia!
Thanks for the comment. Yes, actually there are some good autumn recipes for home made masks! I'll try to post a couple soon.

Madaboutabahna said...

This was recommended to me also, am encouraged to read your post, top bathing advice!

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