Monday, October 20, 2008

Makeup Trend: Fall/Winter 2008-2009 Lips

Here is a look at trends for lips current Fall/Winter 2008-2009.


Matte beige or beige with a touch of pearl lip color created with the help of a lipstick or foundation as at Bora (according to Glamour magazine (Russia)). You can also create neutral lips with a transparent gloss as seen at Miss Sixty.


If you like sexy red, make sure lipstick is matte and lip contours are accurately defined.


Dark lip color was spotted at Ossie Clark's, YSL's, Derek Lam's and many other shows. At times lipstick appears to be just black!.. as seen at Giles


Lips as if stained from drinking red wine - sexy, bold and romantic...


Ageless Beauty said...

I love lip stains for the winter, especially since my lips are sooo chapped. I just put a little dab of lip balm, and then use the stain. It usually stays on at least until lunchtime.

BeautyTalk said...

I also have a problem with chapped lips. Just started using Biotherm Aquasource Balm... which is not sticky (!!), transparent and very glossy... It is actually very close to lip gloss consistency... I like it. I think I have never used a lip stain before. Is there a big difference between lip stain and lip gloss?

Ageless Beauty said...

Definitely! Lip stains aren't meant to moisturize at all. It's literally a colored liquid that you typically apply with a brush. I use lip balm to moisturize and then the lip stain to leave some color.

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