Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beauty Digest: Beauty Reading in July

Here is a short overview of articles from various fashion and beauty magazines I have been reading this July.

Editors of the of Marie Claire UK are concerned that, while the summer is at its peak, we have not yet made the right decision about the sun block and might be cooking ourselves to a crisp at the up-coming vacation. So Marie Claire features an easy-to-understand guide to skin type (according to Fitzpatrick system) and the perfect SPF. I am definitely a skin type III: “usually able to get light tan in time but, without care, you’re still prone to burning.”… It appears I can use “any type of sunscreen, as your skin won’t be that sensitive”. And, in fact, as it is recommended in the article I do usually use spf 15 on the body and 30 on the face… However, last two years I have been developing sun allergy on vacations by the sea, so I use 30 SPF on the face and body and lie in the shade.

Elle Magazine US has a spotlight on Hyaluronic acid, interviews makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo on makeup tricks and best products, and reveals favorite beauty products of superstars such as Leona Lewis, Lil’ Mama, Estelle, etc. A skin remedy from Leona Lewis caught my attention. She uses Huggies baby wipes to remove her makeup after a hard day at a shoot or a concert. Interesting idea! For those who feel enslaved by their hair salon, Elle runs a long and detailed article on how to break free. I am hardly enslaved but would never experiment at home alone, so I kind of skipped this piece. I did read the article Terms of Endowment revealing that if you decide to have a breast augmentation, it most probably won’t be your first and last one… That is what statistics show. Various unpredictable side effects of the operation resulting from scar tissue formation to changes in body fat level and leakages will land you at the doctor’s once again sooner or later.

Further on the topic of plastic surgery, German Jolie magazine featured an article on plastic surgeries/corrections gone bad. And you can see how bad in the photos. When deciding on a plastic surgeon, they recommend to be critical, “trust your gut feeling”, be very careful with OPs (that are much cheaper) in foreign countries and make sure you are in the hands of a professional.

Russian Vogue with the beautiful Natasha Poly on the cover reminds that aqua colors are in this summer, gives not a very timely explanation on how to do makeup in style of noir “for a gothic party”, Carnival and Halloween . It also runs a very useful article on moles and their potential carcinogenic danger. The advise is to remember about the ABCD rule. Be worried if: A (asymmetry) – your moll is asymmetric in form or color, B (border)- borders are not smooth, C (color)- is uneven, D (diameter) – is more than 6 mm.

In Style US gives great advice on how to do a Minimalist Makeup, writes about ways and products that can help you to get a brighter smile and features A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Your Best Abs. In the latter you will find several “no-sweat” excercises that you can do while indulging into things you love. I personally think this will work only for those who are good at multi-tasking. As for me, I cannot enjoy a novel while lying on the floor with feet flat, exhaling as I “pull in at my navel and the abs just below it” and at the same time curling my bottom slightly up. BTW, don't miss a fun interview with Cameron Diaz!

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