Friday, October 26, 2007

Beauty Talk: Thinking about Beauty

I guess the first post is always a bit of a hard one. You are starting from a “clean slate” … and the thing you are going to put on this clean slate should be something important… I want to dedicate my first post to Beauty.

What is Beauty?

Beauty belongs to those meanings that are impossible to give a two-sentence-to-the-point explanations. It belongs to those types of deep meanings the depth and various angles of which we keep discovering and rediscovering as long as we live.
(And before you go to Wikipedia to find your answer just try to think about all the things you find beautiful in your life and try to come up with your own meaning of Beauty)

Trying to give Beauty an explanation one should address several levels of this phenomenon.

Beauty is a feeling we get from a perception that can be visual, mental, tactile etc… And it is the feeling of enjoyment, pleasure, inspiration and excitement.

I would say the essence of beauty is the pleasure of perceiving it.

There are so many things in life that can be beautiful: a person, a moment, a feeling, an object, a dream…

However, Beauty does not exist as a given fact. Everyone experiences beauty in their own way… in a special way different from someone else. This is due to the fact that each of us is shaped by the experiences we have had in the course of our lives. And there are no 2 people in the world with completely similar life experiences. Every person will experience beauty with the shades of feelings and perception known and felt by only this very exact person.

Because of this our perception of Beauty is changing together with us… with our accumulation of various experiences, with the changes in our perception and our feelings.

And my final thought about Beauty is that society and the current “beauty trends” play an extremely important role in our perception of it. Sometimes, they influence our vision of Beauty to a bigger extent than we realize (this is a completely different story though). However, it is undeniable that trends and fashion pass but the classical ultimate Beauty stays.

I want to dedicate my first post to my beautiful friend Natalie! I would like to dedicate it to her beauty as a woman and her beauty as an amazing person and a wonderful friend.
And especially to her recently found beauty of life as being a Mum! Happy 1-month birthday to Baby-Boy-Nikita!



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natalie_sagapo said...

hi! it's me finally! as you're amum already too, i've desided to inspirate you as a newer reader!

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